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I fought to get back to myself, I had a hard time breathing

Gidi Lipkin 20/02/2021 14:02
Mons Dabour (Reuters)
Mons Dabour (Reuters)

A difficult period has passed in recent months for the Israeli national team striker, Mons Dabour. Article link

The corona also hit the German striker Hoffenheim, Dabour was sure he would finish the isolation and the corona would be behind him, but eventually the striker found himself in for some not-so-simple months.

On Thursday, Dabour could finally smile when he returned to look like the good old Mons Dabour when he led Hoffenheim with a duo and cooking in the German team’s 3-3 away win against Norwegian Molde in the first leg of the last 32 stage of the Europa League.

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When he returned home the next day, after the group returned to Germany and even did a release training, the girl Nur was waiting for him in the evening to grow teeth, and Father Dabour had to be reassured after the difficult days that the mother, his wife, Pathan, had when the father traveled with the group.

By the way, Israel has been excited about the snow in the past week, while for Dabour it is a routine thing for the Israeli striker and his family. They are going through a winter with minus ten degrees, and last week the Dabour family experienced snow piled up in Germany half a meter high in Germany, and went out to play with the girl.

Mons Dabour Celebrates (Reuters)Mons Dabour Celebrates (Reuters)

Now, in a special interview with ONE, Mons Davor Says that at first he was sure that in a short time the corona would be behind him: “I saw that there are a lot of players coming back and everything is good, I had no real symptoms. I said two weeks would pass, and I will return properly.”

Dabour returns to the period of returning to training after recovering from the corona: “I come back, go through a week and another week, I have a hard time training, I have a hard time breathing and I have a high pulse. You see it every workout on GPS. I had a hard time physically, I also can not technically do things I was used to doing, can not. I I fought really hard to get back to myself, I tried everything. “

Hoffenheim players celebrate with Mons Dabour (Reuters)Hoffenheim players celebrate with Mons Dabour (Reuters)

what is going on with you?
“I feel like the season is coming to an end, come here, it’s already half a season, and I’m in a state of two months and something without playing. Here ten minutes, here half, but no more.”

Do the group know what you are going through?
“In the team and it calmed me down, they constantly understood what I was going through and came towards me. What I need. When needed even let down training. I but personally do not give up, want to play, score, be in matters. But it just is not in my hands, no “Can control, the body does not give me. Article link

The good thing for me was that I had peace from the outside, not many reviews why not play, just understood that the situation is not simple. Much thanks to the club, the coach and the director who gave me peace.”

Hoffenheim players celebrate with Mons Dabour (Reuters)Hoffenheim players celebrate with Mons Dabour (Reuters)

What are you going through mentally throughout this period?
“It was not easy at all, he went on day after day, training after training, game after game, as if fighting everything. You want and want, but the body does not give you. You have nothing to do, you work hard and it does not pay you back. I had a period “It’s very difficult, not easy. I was glad I had the wife and the girl. Every time you are upset, in a bad mood, that you do not understand why you are not one hundred percent, come home and the woman and the girl give you strength anew. Every day you fight it again.”

Dabour goes on to describe everything he went through: “It all happened to me until I went in to play, even then I did not feel good. I trained, you feel great and sharp in training, but I did not play. 10 minutes here 5 minutes there, I felt even more difficult with the whole situation. Hello I came back, I am here. But players “In much better shape, those who did not get sick in Corona, or who got sick but did not go through what I went through. You are in a situation where you have been fighting to regain status since the beginning of the year, one of the most important players is leading the team.”

Mons Dabour Celebrates (Reuters)Mons Dabour Celebrates (Reuters)

And on Thursday did you feel like you were back to yourself?
“I have been feeling great for 3-4 weeks, I just did not play in the squad, until the game against Dortmund came that just gave me the feeling that I was back a million percent in terms of ability and physical fitness. Article link

The goal I scored was another plus. Without the goal, I was really pleased. Article link

The team was also pleased with how I played. On Thursday it went on, I knew it would eventually come and go, that it could change and when you go, you finally give the goal. Feels like a new-old life. “

There is a difference in your team between the German league and the European league
“We started the season really well, we had a big fall, it was not easy to get out, still fighting an unpleasant situation we got into. It is not critical, but we did not want to be in it. But it is a situation that can still be corrected.”

Mons Dabour celebrates with Hoffenheim (Reuters) playersMons Dabour celebrates with Hoffenheim (Reuters) players

You also got a new coach, Sebastian Hans
“He was just fine with me, he told me he trusted me. He gave confidence and everything was good, but then came the corona, everything went wrong. He rightly wants to play who is in the best shape, like any coach.”

Sebastian Hans (Reuters)Sebastian Hans (Reuters)

“Certainly I dream of the kingdom of goals at all times”

Radamel Falcao should start to worry about you, you have 24 goals in the Europa League only, not including qualifiers, against Falcao with 30 goals in first place
“Fear? I do not know. I do mine, always want to score. Europe is the plus, something special for me, everyone knows there is a difference between us. It does not put pressure or sit in my head. I did not really think to score as much, first it is for me to help “We are thinking about how to get through a stage, I believe we will do it and hope I will continue to score. Whatever needs to happen, I will surely dream of the goal kingship at all times, it is something special not in heaven. But the success of the team first and foremost.”

Radamel Falcao (Reuters)Radamel Falcao (Reuters)

How do you see the championship fight in our Premier League?
“Fun to see, when two clubs so big are fighting head to head and also showing good football, that there are games with the end of dramas.”

Who will take?
“I think in the end, Maccabi Tel Aviv will take, it will be very difficult, really close to the end. I have full friends at Maccabi Haifa who I am in daily contact with and wish them success. But I will always have something for Maccabi, it’s no secret. “

Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate (Radad Jabara)

Who do you think are the next players who left Israel to play abroad?
“There are full of players who can leave, Dor Peretz is finishing a contract, he has an opportunity, of course for Jonathan Cohen as well. Liel Abda, who for me is the next thing if he continues to do things like this, he can also succeed abroad. He needs to be smart in his choice. I also really like Dolev Haziza’s form of play, I believe he can also go to Europe. “

Liel Abda Celebrates (Shahar Gross)Liel Abda Celebrates (Shahar Gross)

“All the players have Lior Rapalov, they know he is a level player”

You, Eran Zehavi and Lior Rapalov starred in games in Europe
“It was great fun to read and see that everyone was good, Manor Solomon also started in Shakhtar Donetsk in the Europa League. Eran, Lior and I had an excellent evening, it’s a happy thing when in such large classes in Europe we do a good job with excellent ability. Article link

The three of us I saw performed in the rotation team, not just in one place, in terms of scores, amazing to see. I hope that in the future we will see as many players as possible who go abroad and try their luck. “

Will it also be reflected in the team at last?
“I really hope so”.

Lior Rapalov celebrates (Reuters)Lior Rapalov celebrates (Reuters)

But Willie Rotensteiner does not count Raphaelov
“I do not want to get into that. Lior is a football star, an excellent player, for years he does amazing things, but in the end there is a coach and he decides. Do not know if it is a matter of method, need to ask who is in charge, not us. All the players hold Lior and know he is a level player, surely Willie also wants the best for the team. I do not know what his considerations are. “

Willy Rotensteiner (Radad Jabara)Willy Rotensteiner (Radad Jabara)

By the way, are you interested in the elections in Israel again?
“No, I read, but not really interested and get into these things.”

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