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From lunch time we sneeze en masse: don’t confuse hay fever with corona | Coronavirus

WAGENINGEN – Prediction: a lot of people will sneeze today. And especially from lunch time. From then on there will be quite a lot of pollen in the air. Warning: don’t confuse hay fever with corona.

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Last year, Wageningen University calculated that more than two million Dutch people with a grass pollen allergy will experience serious hay fever symptoms as soon as the pollen is around again. This will be the case from now on: the hazel and alder trees will bloom. According to the hay fever radar, most pollen in our region is in the air from lunch time and it decreases somewhat around dinner.

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The hazel and alder trees were already growing before the frost. But now that the temperatures are higher again, many catkins break open and release their pollen or pollen into the air. Especially in dry and windy weather, a lot of pollen and pollen is released into the air. This can lead to hay fever-like symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing and fatigue.

Symptoms for corona

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The problem is: some of the hay fever symptoms are also consistent with the symptoms for corona. According to the RIVM, a runny nose and watery or itchy eyes are typical hay fever symptoms, but a runny nose can also be the start of corona. Sneezing is also ‘typical hay fever’, but is also an initial symptom of corona. Conversely, coughing is typically corona, but people with hay fever can also do that. Only fever is only associated with corona, and contrary to what the word would suspect, not with hay fever. Article link

The health service’s advice: when in doubt, stay home and get tested.

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The hay fever symptoms are still relatively small compared to, for example, the months of May and June, when the grasses are also in bloom. Every year around the end of May / beginning of June, most people with hay fever complaints report to their GP. But in 2017 there was also a peak in GP visits at the end of February. Even then it was particularly mild weather in the second half of the month, with temperatures of up to 17 degrees, just like now.

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The chance of hay fever decreases when it starts to rain: then the pollen settles.

Tips against hay fever

• Take into account when you go outside. Before ten o’clock in the morning there are not that much pollen in the air.
• Glasses or sun glasses protect your eyes against pollen.
• Some petroleum jelly around the nose ensures that at least some of the pollen sticks.
• Dry the laundry in the open air? Better not: less pollen ends up on it indoors.
• There are all kinds of medication for hay fever, available at the drugstore.

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