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First publication: Michael Lewis distributes Pike News against vaccines

After the affair Rabbi Yuval Asherov Who came out against the vaccines and received harsh criticism from the media, joins the distributors of the Pike News and the various conspiracy theories about the corona and the vaccines, including the model Michael Lewis. Just before he left for the filming of the new season of “Survival,” Michael Lewis sent all his acquaintances on WhatsApp a long video about the rabbi’s remarks. Hello Barel In the distribution of Pike News against the vaccines and providing conspiracy theories about the vaccines that cause mortality and increase infection.

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The video also says about the will of bill Gates Diluting the world’s population by 15 percent, causing him to deliberately engineer the corona virus in the lab. Alongside the video, Lewis wrote: “Pass it on to as many people as possible, who know the truth. We must turn the system around. Work on our eyes. Arouse the people around you as much as possible. This madness must not be allowed to continue. We will wake up as much as possible if we share as much.”

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Michael Lewis undressed again, was attacked and responded: “Article link

The woman’s body is still wanted” – click here.

Michael Lewis does not get vaccinated (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

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The video in question states that vaccines not only do not reduce infection, but also increase infection, increase mortality and they create the various mutations. Alongside ridiculous conspiracy theories that Bill Gates developed the corona vaccine even before the outbreak of the Bohan virus, that the vaccine was not intended to eradicate the corona, the corona was engineered in a laboratory for the vaccine.

Michael Lewis (Photo: Courtesy of Wings of Krembo)Michael Lewis (Photo: Courtesy of Wings of Krembo)

It also says that the reason is that Gates’ Trail has decided that there are too many people in the world and due to global warming the population must be disposed of, diluted 15 percent with the help of the vaccines it has developed. Sentences like: “People cheated twice also lied when they made people believe that because of vaccines we will return to routine, and lied to people that this vaccine is effective, it is ineffective. There are lots of deaths because of the vaccines, there are lots of mutations because of the vaccines. “Do not believe the data of the Ministry of Health and not the newspapers, misleading the public.”

Michael Lewis (Photo: Matan Tzur)Michael Lewis (Photo: Matan Tzur)

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