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Fadlon announced: 7th-10th grade students will return to school this coming Wednesday

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The announcement was made in collaboration with the leadership of the parents and in accordance with the decision of the Forum of 15 Authorities. Ministry of Education in response: “There is a law in the State of Israel”

Posted on: 22.2.21 08:06

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The Mayor of Herzliya, Moshe Fadlon, in cooperation with the parents’ leadership and the 15th Forum, announced an outline for returning to school for seventh- to tenth-grade students, as early as this coming Wednesday. According to the outline of the Herzliya Municipality, students will learn some of the lessons in capsules in the classrooms, and some in learning in open spaces, combined with distance learning. Fadlon said: “Due to the cumulative damage done to students, both at the educational level but especially at the mental and social level – we can not let our children wait until the third beat, according to the government outline. These children are not the no-man “Man, you will not allow students to enter the walls of the school.”
Ziv Omar, chairman of the municipal parents ‘leadership, said: “I welcome the mayor’s proposal and the 15th forum, and I am happy that the mayors are shouting the youth’s cry along with the parents’ leadership. Article link

The State of Israel has put education at the bottom of the list of priorities in its decision to open up most of the economy while leaving the children of Z-Y, children who are stuck at home, in great loneliness for a year. It should be remembered that girls and boys at these ages understand the meaning of masks and social distance, and take great care to do so during their stay at the school, something that should not be enforced during trips to the mall. “

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The 15th Forum decided that in light of the fact that the Corona Cabinet has determined that the return of seventh to tenth grade students to school activities will take place only in the third beat, i.e. Sunday 7.3.21, and in light of the students’ prolonged absence This coming Wednesday, February 24, 2001, the municipalities of the forum will allow school principals to return seventh- through tenth-grade students to school activities, according to the following outline: 1. Seventh-tenth-grade students will come to the school at least twice a week (4 hours each One of the days), or 3 times a week for 3 hours at a time. 2. It is not necessary to teach all subjects while in school. 3. Some subjects will continue to be taught remotely. 4. It will be possible to teach in shifts. 5. It will be possible to combine classroom learning (9-8 hours per week at least) with learning in extracurricular spaces. Article link

The manner of resumption of studies at the school will be done at the discretion of the principal and in consultation with the municipality, and with reference to the scope of vaccinations among teaching staff, the general scope of immunization in the neighborhoods from which the students come, the size of the school and the number of students.

In a letter circulated by the forum, they stated that principals and teaching staff should not be forced or required to implement this outline. “Article link

The 15th Forum and its leaders are aware, recognize and cherish the concern and pain of principals and teaching staff for the education system, and that many do not think it is a priority, as it should have been. “And in these days of health and social crisis, it is even more difficult.” They point out that the mayors and mayors of the 15th Forum are committed to providing principals and teaching staff with the full backing required to operate this outline and hope that more local authorities will join their outline.

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The Ministry of Education said: “There is a law in the State of Israel that we are all obliged to follow. We trust the authorities, as public leaders, to abide by the law and act in accordance with the guidelines of the Corona Cabinet, which is the guiding body in an emergency.”

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