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Exquisite Overseas Group Leaders: Low incitement does not cost money

ראשי קבוצת חו"ל מהודר: הסתה נמוכה לא עולה כסף-ערוץ 7

Dudi Rubinstein

Photo: Moshe Bitton

Journalist Uri Misgav claimed in an article published this morning (Sunday) in the Haaretz newspaper that the “rescue flights” system approved by the government, subject to the approval of the Exceptions Committee, is an Israbluf celebration of combinations, connections and exemptions from isolation.

Misgav also claims that many testimonies give a clear picture of severe discrimination in favor of the ultra-Orthodox population on flights returning to Israel, both in their rate of flights and in the way passengers are treated when getting off the plane.

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The heads of a fancy overseas group responded to the allegations, calling them “false and provocative.” Article link

The ticketing system does not know what hat the buyer has or what the length of the buyer’s skirt is.

In the ultra-Orthodox sector, most purchases are made through travel agents who ‘commit suicide’ for their customers 6/24, until they make sure that they have gone through all the tedious stages and boarded a flight. “

Dudi Rubinstein, co-director abroad, Mehudar mentions that the ultra-Orthodox have no representative on the Exceptions Committee and their requests are accepted or rejected just like everyone else.

“Even if they write that they are judo wrestlers, or are on a reality show – it will not help them. Article link

The Ministry of Health has set the criteria for hotels. Recovered and vaccinated are exempt from hotel, everyone else goes to hotel.”

Simchi Weinberg is a co-manager overseas overseas says that “an ultra-Orthodox or religious, or any observant who is not defined as recovering or vaccinated goes with the shtreimel to a motel. How unfortunate that low incitement does not cost money. “

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