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Coronavirus: Education union happy with perspective, 6436 fines for violating curfews

Ollongren not at the Security Council due to illness

Minister Kajsa Ollongren of the Interior will not join the 25 mayors of the Security Council on Monday afternoon due to illness. Article link

The mayors will now talk to her next Monday about safely organizing the parliamentary elections in March, said a spokeswoman for the council.

As previously announced, the mayors will take an extra half hour for their meeting in Utrecht. Article link

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The agenda includes the new corona measures that the cabinet will announce on Tuesday.

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The Security Council has previously urged Minister of Justice Ferd Grapperhaus to look for a perspective for the future. Grapperhaus is in the consultation on behalf of the cabinet almost every week. Article link

The mayors have advised the cabinet about easing, because ‘there is also a middle ground between open and closed’, said chairman of the board Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen. Grapperhaus and Bruls provide an explanation after the consultation in Utrecht.

Education union happy with prospects for students, despite concerns

That the cabinet wants to start reopening secondary schools ‘offers prospects for pupils’, responds the General Education Association (AOb). Article link

The union is happy with this, but emphasizes that measures remain necessary to limit the risk of corona infections. “Concerns about the health of staff are still great,” says a spokesperson for the AOb.

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The rule to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others remains very important for the union. One of the options that is on the cabinet’s table is to have only a number of classes physically come to school each day. That way there is enough room to keep your distance.

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The AOb also believes that more rapid tests should be made available for education as soon as possible. In the long term, it is the intention that all students and teachers who have been in the same room for at least one hour as someone who has contracted the virus, will be offered a test. There are already schools where this happens, but it is by no means the practice everywhere.

Hospitality wholesalers have to throw away supplies

Catering wholesalers now have to throw away many products in stock because they have expired now that the catering industry is still closed and the lockdown is likely to last longer. Stocks with a longer shelf life are also going to spoil, warns the Horeca Groothandels Foundation. ‘You will soon be able to throw away your entire warehouse,’ says board member Hans van der Eijk.

According to Van der Eijk, this concerns 1.5 to 2 percent of the turnover of catering wholesalers. “But those turnovers are billions.” Until now, the catering wholesalers have had to throw away a few percent of their turnover every quarter. Not being able to get rid of the products first causes problems with fresh products such as fish and meat, then dairy, then soft drinks and finally fats such as frying oil and soups.

According to Van der Eijk, suppliers do not want to take back the products either. ‘Soon there will also be start-up problems with suppliers because they cannot deliver when the catering industry is allowed to reopen,’ he says.

Regional airports did not exceed noise standards due to corona

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The regional airports in Maastricht, Lelystad and Rotterdam Article link

The Hague Airport have not exceeded the noise standards in the past year. According to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), this is because a lot less was flown in 2020 due to the corona measures.

Article link

The ILT investigated the airports Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA), Lelystad Airport (LA) and Rotterdam Article link

The Hague Airport (RTHA). Noise standards and rules for the use of the airport apply to all regional airports in the Netherlands. For example, there should be as few consequences as possible above inhabited areas. Article link

The ILT checks this every year and can impose sanctions if necessary.

This year the report is very different from previous years due to the corona measures, according to the ILT. During the inspection period, between 1 November 2019 and 31 October 2020, the inspection service did not have to take any measures due to noise violations. Article link

The number of night flights from Rotterdam Article link

The Hague Airport has halved. Eight flights of these were investigated further, but there were no violations in between.

Police issues 6,436 curfews

Police issued 6,436 fines for non-compliance with curfews last week. Police ended 96 illegal parties last weekend.

285 fines have also been handed out to people who have violated the ban on group formation, the police announced on Monday. There are 383 people who received a warning for ignoring the corona measures, such as keeping 5 feet apart.

Whether people will also have to pay the fines for not complying with the curfew is not yet known. Last week, the court in Article link

The Hague ruled that the curfew was not legally implemented correctly. If this ruling is upheld on appeal, it is possible that the fines will be withdrawn.

AstraZeneca will deliver fewer vaccines than promised in the next two weeks

Pharmaceutical AstraZeneca will deliver fewer vaccines to member states of the European Union than promised in the next two weeks. For the Netherlands, this involves more than 217,000 doses, which will arrive later. Article link

The cause of the delay has not been communicated by the vaccine maker, says a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

From next Monday, according to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), no vaccines can be delivered to injection sites of the GGD, to general practitioners and to institutions in mental health care. Injection appointments that have already been planned, up to and including March 14, will remain in place. New appointments are not scheduled for this period for the time being, according to the RIVM. According to the institute, an additional delivery of 211,000 doses of AstraZeneca will arrive on Sunday, March 7.

Article link

The Ministry of VWS calls the delay a setback. ‘One that fits into a pattern. We hope that the pharmaceutical companies will quickly increase the reliability of their delivery schedule. ‘

Entrepreneurs furious about De Jonge’s plan

Entrepreneurs react furiously to the plan of Minister De Jonge (Public Health) with his ideas about a relaxation of the corona measures and the letter from Prime Minister Rutte in which he calls on companies to ‘hold on for a while’. ‘Outrageous’, says Dirk Beljaarts, foreman of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) in De Telegraaf. “Article link

The cabinet has clearly given up hope.”

Article link

The fact that De Jonge is proposing measures to make events possible, while he wants to keep shops and catering outlets closed, testifies, according to KHN, to ‘a total lack of empathy’. Inretail retailers’ association wonders whether the ministers have ever spoken to an entrepreneur. Retail foreman Jan Meerman points out that there is no evidence that shopping contributes to contamination and that stores in neighboring countries are already opening. ‘There are massacres, and they don’t seem to mind at all. It is not only the message that offers no hope, but also the way they deliver it. That goes against the grain. ‘

Corona emergency support also available for zoos

Zoos that have to keep the gates closed, but in the meantime have to take care of all the animals and maintain the enclosures, can apply for government support from Monday. Last week, the cabinet received permission from the European Commission to come to the rescue of the parks. 39 million euros had already been reserved for the aid package.

During the first corona wave in spring 2020, the zoos were closed for two months. They had to close for another two weeks in November, and this has been the case again since mid-December. In the intervening periods they were only allowed to receive a limited number of visitors.

Based on the loss of turnover, it is determined what part of those costs zoos will be reimbursed. Zoos that make use of the scheme must submit a reorganization plan.

Ollongren comes to update mayors about elections

Minister Kajsa Ollongren of the Interior will probably meet the 25 mayors of the Security Council on Monday to discuss the elections for the Lower House next month. She discusses, among other things, the way in which municipalities can safely organize these elections within the applicable corona measures, said a spokeswoman for the council.

Article link

The mayors have invited the minister to the meeting. Not all mayors are keen on holding elections in Corona time. Many people enter polling stations on that day and that could create foci of contamination. Voters may also not show up for fear of the virus. Some members of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) point out that the elections may well coincide with the peak of a third corona wave. Ollongren has previously said that the elections can even be called off at the last minute if necessary.

Secondary schools open from next week, curfew still remains

Article link

The cabinet wants to at least partially open secondary schools from next week, but the curfew will remain in place for another three weeks. Article link

The cabinet discussed this on Sunday at the Casthuis, insiders tell the NOS. It is not yet clear how secondary education will be opened.

For example, the intention is that the hairdressers may reopen on March 2, although under strict conditions, such as by appointment only and with triage to ensure that the customer has no complaints.

In secondary vocational education, the schools can open about one day a week, say insiders. It is also considered to make shopping by appointment possible.


How many infections were there in your municipality? On our corona dashboard you can see, among other things, the current risk level of your region and the daily hospital admissions.

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