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Conspiracy thinkers are targeting memorial stones Vaatstra and Verstappen

Conspiracy thinkers have placed flowers on the memorial stones of Marianne Vaatstra and Nicky Verstappen, to the dismay of the next of kin. A cemetery in Bodegraven has also been buried under dozens of bouquets for weeks.

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The conspiracy theorists, referring to QAnon’s conspiracy theory, place flowers on graves of people who died at a young age. They claim the children were murdered by Satanists. News hour read the past weeks in their Telegram group and spoke with stakeholders.

“Nicky’s family looks at this with enormous surprise. They don’t understand anything about it,” said Peter R. de Vries, spokesman for Nicky Verstappen’s family. De Vries was previously informed of the flower laying that took place last weekend. “I have warned the police, but it is a public memorial stone. So there is nothing to do about it.”

Flowers at the memorial stone for Nicky Verstappen

News hour

Christiaan van der Kamp, mayor of the municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, is shocked. “This is a huge invasion of privacy and grave rest. It is unbelievable what it does to the next of kin.

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The cemetery is now being secured, but Van der Kamp is urging more action from the Public Prosecution Service. “We must make ourselves resilient. We should not take these people seriously as a society.”

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The town hall of Bodegraven is also bombarded with phone calls. Conspiracy thinkers call and email under false names, conversations are recorded and published on the internet. “Some of them are genuinely concerned, others are very aggressive.”

Jaap van Dissel

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The actions were started by a former Bodegraven. He claims on the basis of “recovered memories” that RIVM boss Jaap van Dissel together with the local doctor gruesomely murdered at least two children. No report of this is known to the police. Jaap van Dissel and the doctor say they do not know each other.

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The resident of Bodegraven – who has a criminal past – says on Telegram that he witnessed the “satanic child murders” as a toddler with three other children in the early 1980s. Bouquets and notes have also been placed on the grave of one of these alleged fellow witnesses – a man who died in an accident in 2007. Article link

The flowers were removed by the municipality at the request of the family.

It is utter nonsense, those people should be ashamed of themselves

Nathalie Righton, former resident of Bodegraven

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The conspiracy thinkers also involve prominent ex-Bodegraven people in their story, such as former Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and Volkskrant journalist Natalie Righton. They are called “elite children” and are said to have been “hypnotized and brainwashed” as part of an old CIA program. Righton calls the accusations terrible: “It is the utmost nonsense, those people should be ashamed of themselves.”

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The action in Bodegraven is led by ex-journalist Micha Kat, who calls Jaap van Dissel a “sado pedo murderer” and who also unfoundedly accuses many other prominent figures of pedophilia. Article link

The RIVM has filed a complaint against Kat for libel and slander. Article link

The municipality of Bodegraven also reports for libel and slander and for sedition. Article link

The municipality is also preparing reports against other conspiracy theorists.

Kat has been facing a prison sentence for more than six months for defamation, slander and threats against journalists. He is avoiding his sentence in Northern Ireland, where he was arrested on a warrant in December. Kat was released on bail and is awaiting a decision on extradition to the Netherlands.

Reporter Rudy Bouma has been following the news about disinformation for years. In this video, he explains why QAnon isn’t just any conspiracy theory:

Why QAnon is not just any conspiracy theory

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