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Ben Gvir on the controversial video: “Unfortunately, everything is true”

Itamar Ben Gvir, a member of the Jewish Power Party, spoke this morning (Sunday) with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on their program on 103FM. Ben Gvir referred to the controversial election video he published yesterday, which allegedly shows “Lapid’s dream government”, in which racist and anti-Semitic calls are made, and even a picture of Hitler and a picture of terrorist Samir Kuntar, allegedly supported by Labor members and the joint list.

Itamar Ben Gvir on the disqualification of Abtissam Mara’a from running in the elections (Photo: Jewish Power)

Your idea?
“No. It’s not my idea, it’s an idea of ​​one of the strategy team. To be honest, I had doubts about this broadcast, but the reality is true. Six million Jews. ”

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I remind you she apologized for that.
“Yes yes .. and also for the fact that she investigated how Holocaust survivors live their sex lives? And also for the fact that she said that Hitler is afraid of us? And that the memory of Jacob should be destroyed? She apologized? Come on, there is great danger when terrorist supporters are brought into the Knesset. “I thought this broadcast was excessive, but this is the reality, what to do? There is Yair Golan who claims that Israeli society is Nazi.”

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He did not say that.
“He said he recognizes processes. What is meant by process identifier? Friends there is danger here.”

He did not mention anything you said.
“Stop burying your head in the sand.”

When you put in your video the torch, Bennett, Saar, Michaeli and others along with a picture of Hitler with a mark of a heart does not it seem problematic to you?
“What is this cheap and disgusting demagoguery?”.

What demagoguery?
“This is cheap demagoguery.”

This is a one – on – one description of what you did in the video.
“This is demagoguery because no one compared Bennett or Yair Lapid to the Nazis. Yes, there was a statement here, and in the meantime you will continue to bury your head in the sand and it’s okay because you protect her because she is from the Labor Party. There is a lady here who laughs at the Holocaust and that is her mantra “.

But everyone is mentioned there, Itamar.
“They are mentioned there but if those who are going to sit with her.”

We still do not know anything.
“So wait? Who will Yair Lapid form a coalition with? Really. Stop with this defense. Enough to protect these people. Enough to protect Abtisam Maraana and her friends from the joint list. Haaretz every Monday and Thursday talks about the government in the country and compares it to the government in Germany and no one criticizes “It’s okay. It passes indifferently.”

I’m not willing for you to say that. This is not the truth.
“So what? Do you want to shut me up? Understand, what we did in this broadcast is put a mirror in front of what might happen. I agree, there are some elements I would download like the Hitler sticker for example. I talked to some Holocaust survivors and asked them to watch the broadcast. “Everyone I spoke to said, ‘Itamar, the left is celebrating at your expense and they are just trying to fold you.’ I am not folding.”

What does Smutrich think of this thing?
“Do not be bothered. I understand that there are many leftists who are worried that Smutrich and I have connected and wonder how it will affect the blocking percentage. I understand. I understand that it frustrates the left. I understand very well.”

Did Smutrich’s campaign manager watch the video?
“Dear, this is a video of Jewish power. Again, I understand the frustration of the left, for two weeks now they have been trying to make me a kind of punching bag because they are afraid and know that thanks to my connection with Smutrich the left-wing government has been avoided. I do not stutter or apologize “I do not act like a feathered leaf.”

And what do you say about Netanyahu not wanting you?
“First of all, he claimed that he did not want me kosher, but everything was fine. Article link

The day after the election, ask me what I want and what I do not want and everything is fine. What is new to you that when there is criticism from the left, then Netanyahu is a little stressed?”

So what are you actually telling us? That after the election he will put you in?
“I respect Netanyahu and I love him and want him to be prime minister, but it will be a full right-wing government, and that the leftists will continue to shout. Like Yair Golan who ‘recognizes processes’ and defames our army and our country. We continue ours and remember what I tell you – This connection prevents the formation of a left-wing government. ”

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