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And you already thought 202 million euros a lot? These are the highest lottery amounts paid out in America | Consumer

Tonight there is EUR 202 million to be won with EuroMillions. Great chance to get scandalous rich, but abroad lotteries often added a lot more. Article link

The biggest jackpot came in January 2016 via Powerball. Three winners were then allowed to divide a fortune of 1.586 billion dollars (1.307 billion euros) among themselves. Two years later, a lucky guy from South Carolina got to keep the fabulous $ 1.535 billion ($ 1.265 billion) stake all to himself.

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Well, let’s qualify for a moment: in reality, the largest individual winner of a lottery game was left with about half that amount. After all, that person chose to collect the profit in one go, reducing the total value to 720 million euros. And then there were taxes for the state and federal level.

Remarkable: the Mega Millions winner – who wanted to remain anonymous – owed his monster amount to a small amount of luck. He wanted a Quick Pick and had left another customer in the store with the same idea.

Villa of 8 million

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The lucky ones who won the biggest jackpot ever to their name came out by name. They had to divide the loot of $ 1.307 billion in three and kindly declined the option of getting paid $ 435 million over 30 years. Instead, they collected 270 million euros on a one-off basis.

Lisa and John Robinson from Tennessee told the press that their lives would not change too much. Six months later, however, they were already retired and had bought a closet of a villa worth 8 million euros.

Lisa and John Robinson from Munford, Tennessee. © REUTERS

Almost nothing has changed

Marvin and Mae Acosta appeared in the spotlight with fresh reluctance. They only emerged as the winner after six months, and then only because they were required to do so under California law. Officially, they only announced that they would put most of the prize money into a charity fund.

David Kaltschmidt (56) and Maureen Smith (71) from Florida were responsible for the most remarkable story. When the ‘Daily Mail’ went to visit them a year and a half after the win, their lives appeared to have hardly changed. A newer SUV model, yes. And a Tesla to drive to the supermarket. It turned out they had just kept their modest house and old fishing boat. “Nothing exciting happens to our millions, but we do take good care of our family,” he said.

Last month, a Michigan resident won 865 million euros, the third-largest lottery prize in the United States ever.

Street sweeper wins 168 million in Belgium

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The biggest Belgian EuroMillions winner became 168 million richer four years ago. However, the question is whether the street sweeper from Schaerbeek will enjoy this. He was overwhelmed with pleas for money, which even forced him to flee to Germany for a while.

In the meantime, the man would have returned to our country. He visited his old quarter twice more, in the company of a bodyguard. “We are concerned,” says a friend. “He could be blackmailed or kidnapped. However, a permanent move abroad is not an option. His children grew up here and they are still studying here. ”

If you’re grabbing next to the top prize tonight, the piece below can provide comfort. After all, mega profit is not always synonymous with a carefree life.

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