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An 11-year-old was seriously ill with corona – the mother is active against the vaccines

As the vaccination campaign progresses and the adult population becomes vaccinated against the corona, more and more young people become ill with the disease, some of whom even suffer from very severe symptoms – to the point of being truly life-threatening.

Liel, 11, fell ill in Corona and a few days later was hospitalized in critical condition at Kaplan Hospital and was even connected to a respirator. Her mother, Bat El, also contracted the virus – after she resisted vaccinations and refused to be vaccinated.

Roi Dubinsky, the father of the family, described in a conversation with Niv Raskin in the “Morning News” how it all started. “Ten days ago, Liel woke up in the morning with symptoms such as a sore throat and fever,” Dubinsky said. “I decided not to play with it and going to the drive-in in Tel Aviv to be tested. In the evening, they called my wife and informed her that the girl was positive about Corona.”

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“At first it was like the flu. Fever rises, falls, like a swing,” Dubinsky continued. “No matter how much medicine was given to the girl, the fever did not leave her. “And brought an oxygen generator from there, the girl was attached to it all day. On the night between Friday and Saturday she woke up around three in the morning and said, ‘Dad, save me, save me, I’ll suffocate.'”

How did you react at that moment?
“I was in a storm, this is my only daughter. We did not know what to do, neither I nor my wife herself was with Corona. We were helpless. I decided I would not play anymore, because I did not know what would happen if God forbid the electricity in the house fell. I am not a doctor. I called. To MDA, I ordered an ambulance and we arrived in Kaplan. “

What situation was Liel in when you arrived in Kaplan?
“She went down from the house to a breathless ambulance, arrived breathless from the ambulance to the emergency room and after a few hours was transferred to intensive care. I felt the sky fall on me. I was sleepless all week, fell apart a lot and cried a lot. I helped them and gave them my soul, but it was not enough.”

At the same time, other family members became infected with the virus.
“During the week my wife was diagnosed with corona and was also in the Kaplan emergency room. My father, a month after the second vaccination, was also diagnosed with corona. Dad has no symptoms but my wife has very strong muscle aches, weakness and fatigue. My wife is a warrior, trainee and vegan, a very strong woman usually “But the corona is probably stronger than anything.”

Bat El, your wife, was opposed to vaccines.
“Bat El was an anti-vaccine activist, she wrote anti-vaccine posts and was on Facebook anti-vaccine groups. Today she’s pretty hit on sin, she knows there is no other choice and needs to get vaccinated. Until something lands in your house, you do not really know what it is. When she is not. “She saw a lot of patients, so she was in doubt, but as soon as it knocks on the door, the opinion changes.”

Liel and daughter of El Dubinsky | Photo: From the “Morning News”, Keshet 12

Does she feel guilty following this situation?
“There is no room for guilt, there is no reason for her to feel guilty. She is not guilty of anything. She did get vaccinated first, despite the anti she had. She was expecting the second vaccine but then got the disease unfortunately. We are a warm, loving and cohesive family, but we will get out of it. Even stronger. “

What is Liel’s condition at the moment?
“After a difficult week, the situation improves and there is room for optimism. Liel is expected to recover, but we will go through it together. She is a strong and mature girl, she feels she is going to win it. Article link

The most important thing is to get vaccinated, do not play with yourself or those around you.”

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