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1 to Maccabi Tel Aviv on Hapoel B’Shlosha

Outstanding Actor

Dor Peretz, Score: 7
A clever and quiet play by the midfielder, who once again proved how helpful he is to the Yellows from second line with a winning goal

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The disappointing actor

Eduardo Guerrero, Score: 4
Went in to make a change and failed to make an impact in the minutes he was given

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Although it ended with only one goal, we had a multiple battle in the events tonight (Sunday) at Toto Turner Stadium, when Maccabi Tel Aviv hosted Hapoel Beer Sheva in the eighth round of the State Cup and won 0: 1. In fact the state champion kept the double dream alive when she tossed the current holder, who will likely end the season without a title.

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The group from the capital of the Negev came to this confrontation after receiving the new coach, Roni Levy. Article link

The latter was not yet on the lines as he had only one training session with the team, but watched his new trainees from the stands.

Reactions of Hapoel B’Shlosha after being relegated from the cup

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The game itself opened with yellow-blue control, with Ayalon Almog and Enrique Seborit coming close to giving the visitors an early lead, but encountering a good ability from Ohad Levita. Towards the end of the half, Marino Briero, who phenomenally saved a goal from Eyal Golsa with a heroic save from the line, dislocated his shoulder and was replaced with the opening of the second half by Hatem Abdelhamid (who made his new debut at Alona Barkat’s club). In addition, Shahar Phiben also vacated his place in the opening of the second half after being injured by a tackle by Dudi Twito.

Mariano Briero injured (Radad Jabara)Mariano Briero injured (Radad Jabara)
Hatem 'Abd al-Hamid in the renewed premiere (Radad Jabara)Hatem ‘Abd al-Hamid in the renewed premiere (Radad Jabara)

In the 63rd minute Patrick van Leven made a triple substitution and two minutes later he saw his team take the lead, thanks to an excellent kick from Dor Peretz. By the end, the Reds could have achieved the prestigious equalizer, but Sagiv Yehezkel recorded a number of big misses and as a result the hosts parted ways with the title.

After the 2-0 loss on Thursday against Shakhtar Donetsk in the last 32 of the Europa League, the Yellows can go out in a quieter head to Ukraine ahead of the rematch with the ticket to the quarter-finals. On the other hand, Roni Levy and his trainees will have to quickly forget about the cup and concentrate on the league, with Betar Jerusalem waiting for them for a spicy meeting for the coach in the coming round.

Dor Peretz celebrates with Patrick Van Leven (Radad Jabara)Dor Peretz celebrates with Patrick Van Leven (Radad Jabara)
Louis Taha Disappointed (Radad Jabara)Louis Taha Disappointed (Radad Jabara)

Half a second

Marcelo Mali Disappointed (Radad Jabara)Marcelo Mali Disappointed (Radad Jabara)
  • ’90+6
  • Judge's decision
  • Paper only to finish! 0: 1 to Maccabi Tel Aviv over Hapoel B’Shlosha
Sharan Yeni rises to the crossbar (Radad Jabara)Sharan Yeni rises to the crossbar (Radad Jabara)
  • ’90+5
  • Yellow card
  • Peshich also entered the judge’s notebook
Patrick Van Leven (Radad Jabara)Patrick Van Leven (Radad Jabara)
  • ’81
  • Spare
  • Another substitution in red: Itamar Shabiru replaced Tomer Yosefi
Matan Balteksa (Radad Jabara)Matan Balteksa (Radad Jabara)
  • ’69
  • Yellow card
  • Louis Taha committed an unnecessary offense and saw a yellow card
Tomer Yosefi (Radad Jabara)Tomer Yosefi (Radad Jabara)
  • ’69
  • Spare
  • BS offensive substitution: Anthony Varen came on in place of Amit Bitton
Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate with Dor Peretz (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate with Dor Peretz (Radad Jabara)
Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate with Dor Peretz (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate with Dor Peretz (Radad Jabara)
  • ’65
  • Gate
  • Gate! Maccabi Tel Aviv went up to 0: 1: An excellent team attack by the champion ended in a goal advantage. Dor Peretz received the ball in the center of the extension when he was completely free and with a smart kick managed to subdue Levita
Dudi Tuito bumps (Radad Jabara)Dudi Tuito bumps (Radad Jabara)
  • ’63
  • Spare
  • In the other change, Almog replaced Eduardo Guerrero
Maor Kandil guards Sagiv Yehezkel (Radad Jabara)Maor Kandil guards Sagiv Yehezkel (Radad Jabara)
  • ’63
  • Spare
  • In the extra substitution, Matan Hozaz came up in place of Nick Blackman
Marcelo Mali (Radad Jabara)Marcelo Mali (Radad Jabara)
  • ’63
  • Spare
  • Van Leven’s triple replacement: Alexander Peshich came on instead of Itai Schechter
Sagiv Yechezkel Nugach (Radad Jabara)Sagiv Yechezkel Nugach (Radad Jabara)
Marcelo Mali (Radad Jabara)Marcelo Mali (Radad Jabara)
  • ’53
  • Spare
  • Red substitution: Eitan Ratzon outside, Eli Madmon replaced
Shahar Phiben (Radad Jabara)Shahar Phiben (Radad Jabara)
  • ’46
  • Spare
  • Spare in Maccabi Tel Aviv: Phiben did not recover from the same injury of Tuito and was replaced by Avi Rikan
Enrique Saborit (Radad Jabara)Enrique Saborit (Radad Jabara)
  • ’46
  • Spare
  • Local replacement: Briero dislocated his shoulder and transferred to Soroka, Hatem ‘Abd al-Hamid took his place for a new debut
Shahar Phiben (Radad Jabara)Shahar Phiben (Radad Jabara)

first half

Sagiv Yehezkel guards Maor Kandil (Radad Jabara)Sagiv Yehezkel guards Maor Kandil (Radad Jabara)
  • ’45+1
  • Judge's decision
  • Papir whistled for the end of the first half and took the players to rest in the locker rooms
Aliniv Barda (Radad Jabara)Aliniv Barda (Radad Jabara)
  • ’38
  • acidification
  • A huge huge save: Eyal Golsa stood one on one in front of Levita, had already subdued him on the way to the goal but then Briero opened burners and saved, on the line, a great surf
Joshua in the stands (Radad Jabara)Joshua in the stands (Radad Jabara)
Dor Peretz (Radad Jabara)Dor Peretz (Radad Jabara)
  • ’27
  • Yellow card
  • Dor Peretz made unnecessary speeches in front of Papir and received a yellow card
Marcelo Mali (Radad Jabara)Marcelo Mali (Radad Jabara)
  • ’21
  • Yellow card
  • Dudi Twito committed a strong foul on Shahar Phiben and received a yellow card
Marcelo Mali (Radad Jabara)Marcelo Mali (Radad Jabara)
  • ’17
  • acidification
  • Great opportunity for the visitors: A double pass between Enrique Saborit and Nick Blackman ended when the first kicked to Levita, but the goalkeeper stopped superbly
Roni Levy in the stands (Radad Jabara)Roni Levy in the stands (Radad Jabara)
  • ‘8
  • acidification
  • First chance for the Yellows: Elon Almog remained exposed on the right side of the southern extension, kicked from the air but Ohad Levita caught
Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Beer Sheva players (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Beer Sheva players (Radad Jabara)
  • ‘1
  • Judge's decision
  • Erez Papir whistled and set the deal in motion
Sean Goldberg shakes Roni Levy's hand (Radad Jabara)Sean Goldberg shakes Roni Levy’s hand (Radad Jabara)

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