Without the Goat: Only 2: 2 for Cullen vs. Mainz


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Hans. This time was not on the field (GETTY)
Hans. This time was not on the field (GETTY) | Photo:
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The 26th round in the German league continues today (Sunday) after the return of the Corona lagged league already last night. Even before the meeting between the conductor Bayern Munich and Union Berlin, Cologne and Mainz climbed the lawn and split in a 2: 2 point distribution.

Without the miracle (ninth) fatigue due to German Health Ministry regulations, the host came to a quick advantage when Mark Oth conquered a precise Pendel in the sixth minute. Seven minutes after the second half opened, Cologne took advantage of Mainz’s inexperience, the Tigers scored a quick free kick as Dominic Drexler picked up from the wing and Florian Keintz hit the 0-0.

Only eight minutes later trainees Sandro Schwartz returned to the game. Taiwan Avenue narrowed to 2: 1 after an impressive team move. In the 72nd minute, Mainz’s equalizer came, with Pierre Malong making a great slalom and setting a valuable 2: 2. Cologne remains tenth in the standings with 33 points, while the 15th-place guest with just four points above the lead-up to the Premier League tests.


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