What are 10 books by brahim Kaln


President Szcs brahim Kaln, live on GZT’s YouTube page
  In the program, he made evaluations about the shipment.

brahim Kaln wrote: “Curtain and Mana – An Analysis on Mind”
  While talking about the book, he made the following evaluations:
“The mind can sometimes disappear with itself, it can be alienated on its own. Human
  It is not just a mind. Human spirit, self, heart, demands
  there is. Human being is an asset that needs to be examined in this whole. Mind its
  One of the most humid elements. A divine divine that distinguishes it from all other assets
  tax but sometimes other feelings may become stronger and conceivable. Moreover
  the mind can own the traps he has set up. ”
Kaln asked what 10 books can be found wherever the book is found,
  with books and authors:

“mam Gazali ‘Survivors of Deceit’
the Farabi ‘Virtuous city’,
Sait Halim Paa ‘Buhranlarmz’
Ahmet Hamdi Tanpnar ‘Serenity’,
Mustafa Kutlu ‘Ya Tahamml Ya Sefer’, ‘Water Flowing to the Yokua’, ‘Joy
smet zel ‘Erba’
İbrahim Tenekeci ‘Kpk’, ‘Peltek Preacher’,
Tolstoy ‘Hac Murat’,
Marcus Aurelius ‘Dnc Show’
Sayyid Hseyin Nasr “Human and Nature.”


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