Vehicle, consumer and mortgage loan current interest rates! May 2020 How much are the current loan interest rates of all banks? The borrowers should immediately examine these loan rates!


Move in Turkey, and the need for housing loans began to decline at the end of the current interest rates. Looking at the same periods of last year, loan interest rates are much lower. The reason for this is the approach of both Corona virus and Ramadan Feast. Loan interest rates were reduced by 100 basis points by the BRSA. After this decrease, banks had to update in terms of loan interest rates. The current interest rates of 2020 banks are in the details of our news…

As a result of the announcement made by the BRSA, a 100 basis point reduction was made in terms of loan interest rates. Due to both Eid al-Fitr and Korona virus, all banks reduced their loan interest rates. For this reason, this is the best time for citizens who will take out loans. Because, if the markets turn normally, loan interest rates may show flights. Economic assistance was already provided to millions of citizens due to the Economic Stability Shield, which was issued for our citizens to improve their economic status and not to be victims of the Corona virus agenda. Unlike our citizens who could receive financial and moral aid, we also had citizens who could not benefit from it. Corona virus 2020 loan campaigns were brought to the rescue of our unemployed citizens due to the corona virus.


If the most up-to-date credit interest rates of 2020 continue to be present, it will be good news for all our citizens. Because of the Corona virus campaign was provided in all credit packages. Current interest rates appear as caftans chosen for our citizens who have been sent for free leave and dismissed. Below are the current interest rates of all banks after the decision taken by the BRSA.

Ziraat bank

Ziraat Bank interest rates are as follows;

  • Agricultural Consumer Loan interest rate 1.05%
  • Agricultural Vehicle Loan interest rate 0,96%
  • Interest rate of Agricultural Housing Loan is 0,94%


  • Halkbank consumer loan interest rate 1.07%
  • Halkbank Auto Loan interest rate 0,94%
  • Halkbank Housing Loan interest rate 0,94%


  • Vakıfbank consumer loan interest rate 1.05%
  • Vakıfbank Vehicle Loan interest rate 0,95%

İş Bank

  • İşbank Consumer Loan interest rate 0,99%
  • İşbank Auto Loan interest rate 0,97%
  • İşbank Housing Loan Interest Rate 0.95%


  • Akbank Direct Credit interest rate 1.49%
  • Akbank consumer loan interest rate 1.45%
  • Akbank Auto Loan interest rate 1.11%
  • Akbank Housing Loan interest rate 0,99%

Construction loans

  • Yapı Kredi consumer loan interest rate 1.75%
  • Yapı Kredi Housing Loan interest rate 0,89%
  • Yapı Kredi Vehicle Loan interest rate 1.14%


  • Garanti Bank Consumer Loan interest rate 1.19%
  • Garanti Bank Housing Loan interest rate 1.12%
  • Garanti Bank Vehicle Loan interest rate 1.34%


  • TEB Consumer Loan interest rate 1.09%
  • TEB Vehicle Loan interest rate 1.09%
  • TEB Mortgage Loan interest rate 0,97%


  • Denizbank consumer loan interest rate 1.59%
  • Denizbank Car Loan interest rate 1.16%
  • Denizbank Home Loan interest rate 1.09%


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