two billion to help tourism


The Minister of Cultural Heritage talks about a bonus to spend on summer 2020 travel: “It will be the year of the ‘Italian holidays’ – he explained in an interview with Corriere della Sera – because international tourism, outside Europe, is unlikely to be able to restart”
The rule of the decree that will help people to be able to take holidays is worth over 2 billion euros for tourism. This is the estimate of the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the minister spoke of the rule that will help people to go on vacation. Although, explains Franceschini, “they will be different holidays; we will have limits to live with, from distancing to masks, to prudence”. The “holiday tax credit” arrives, but for trips abroad you will have to wait (LIVE UPDATESTHE SPECIALTHE SITUATION IN ITALY).

The “holiday tax credit”

What the minister talked about is a portfolio entirely dedicated to holidays: “The measure that will help families and businesses is the holiday tax credit, a bonus to be spent by 2020 in hotels and accommodation for people under an Isee income of 40 or We are defining 50 thousand euros. We are talking about 150 euros for a single person and a sum of up to 500 euros for couples with children. It will help families and bring more than 2 billion euros in the tourism sector, because this costs the norm, in addition to the induced that will create. An extraordinary intervention, among the most important of the whole maneuver “.

“Italian holidays”


Coronavirus Italia, the “bonds” to reserve an umbrella on the beach

It starts again, but gradually: “It will be the year of the ‘Italian holidays’ – said Franceschini – because international, non-European tourism can hardly start again”. The European Commission will also have to comment on the reopening of the border with foreign countries. Meanwhile in Italy, adds the minister, “from 18 May museums and exhibitions will be able to reopen that are able to comply with safety regulations”. And as for bars and restaurants: “we will approve a temporary rule, for this summer, which will exempt from paying the tax on the occupation of public land and from the permits of the superintendencies”.


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