Scientists have discovered why bad characters are so loved


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Psychology researchers have investigated why bad characters like Darth Vader, Maleficent and Joker are loved. Researchers discovered that bad characters were loved for being fictional, and this made it safe to sympathize with them.

Psychology researchers focusing on loved bad characters, Darth Vader, Joker and discovered why similar villains are so loved. According to a recent study by Derek D. Rucker and Rebecca J. Krause from Northwestern University, the reason why bad characters are loved is fiction.

Speaking to Forbes, according to the news reported by NTV, Krause said, “In this study, it was interesting that real viewers who were protected by the curtain of fiction might find bad heroes attractive because they reflect their own directions.”
According to the researchers, people are afraid to carry similar aspects to those they see as bad and immoral because they want to think of themselves as good individuals. However, fiction makes it safe to sympathize with someone who reminds the audience, but has the traits that a real person will fear.

‘It may be uncomfortable to see similarities’

“People want to see themselves from a positive perspective. “It may be uncomfortable to see similarities between him and someone bad,” said Krause.

The data of the study was obtained from the application CharacTour, which pairs users with their favorite fictional characters. During the analysis, the platform had approximately 232,500 registered users. The platform allowed users to take some kind of personality test.

Good characters: Sherlock Holmes and Yoda

The data showed which characters users find attractive. Users preferred the characters they likened to, whether good or bad. Among the bad characters in the quiz are names such as Darth Vader, Maleficent and Joker, while the good ones include characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Yoda.

According to the Science Daily report, as a result of the analysis, it was found that the users found the bad characters more attractive as their similarities increased.

‘Fiction is a way for you to interact with the dark aspects of your personality’

“According to this study, what makes characters like Darth Vader attractive to people is not that they are the opposite of bad characters. On the contrary, parts of our identity echo in them, “he said.

Accordingly, the reason fictional characters deceive viewers is that it offers them the opportunity to discover their darker selves. Krause made the following conclusion about the subject: “Maybe fiction is a way to interact with the dark aspects of your personality without having to question whether you are a good person.”


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