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The Relaunch decree approved by the CDM, with aid of 55 billion to families and businesses. Cut 4 billion in taxes. The premier Conte speaks of Italy’s “premise for concretizing the recovery”. ‘Measures to withstand the blow and start again,’ says Minister Gualtieri. Agreement between government and regions to speed up the payment of the cig, directly from INPS. Understanding on the regularization of migrants and the emergence of black, with Bellanova being moved by announcing the measure. Gualtieri highlights the arrival of new rules to speed up loans to businesses. 190 million incentives for healthcare workers are arriving. A “mobility voucher” of up to 500 euros per bike arrives 331 million at school also for distance learning. Oppositions to the attack.

“With the measures contained in the relaunch decree, we want to ensure that the Italian economy can” withstand the blow, but we also try to give support for the restart. I’m sure Italy will make it“Thus the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, at Unomattina on Rai 1.
The “main measure” of tax reduction taken with the relaunch decree is the stop to the Irap installment: “an important business support measure, the result of a positive dialogue with the business association”. “A government that takes measures for workers and businesses must listen to the positions of workers and businesses. There was a demand on this and we believe it is right to have done so,” said the minister of economy.

The relaunch decree allocates “155 billion to restart the Italian economy”, now “maximum efforts to get resources immediately and revive the country together”, wrote Gualtieri last night on twitter after the Council of Ministers.


“I can assure you that every hour of work weighed because we knew we had to intervene as soon as possible. It took us some time but I can assure you that it didn’t take a minute longer than what is strictly necessary for such a complex text. “So Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the press conference after the approval of the relaunch dl. The Prime Minister also recalled that for now “transfers between the Regions are frozen” and that for the reopenings it will make a decree law and not a dpcm.

“The relaunch decree will arrive in Parliament. With the majority forces but I also hope with the opposition I hope that the decree can be improved“added the Prime Minister.” There is a country in great difficulty – continued the Prime Minister – today is the maneuver to face this phase which contains the preconditions for this restart phase to materialize a prospect of economic recovery and social”

“We are introducing measures to relaunch and support businesses for a speedy recovery – said Conte -. We help families with children, we have an emergency income. For workers resources are substantial, they are equal to 25.6 billion euro. We introduce measures to relaunch and support businesses to guide the economy towards a speedy recovery, there is also emergency income for bands that need more protection e we cut 4 billion in taxes“.

“There are 15-16 billion to businesses – continued the premier – which will be provided in various forms from the smallest to the possibility of capitalizing on the largest. We cut practically 4 billion in taxes for all companies up to 250 million in turnover “with the stop to the Irap installment in June.

“For the self-employed and professionals enrolled in the separate INPS managements they will arrive 600 euros immediately, because it will be given to those who have already benefited from it. I hope they can arrive in the next few hours, when the decree will go to the Official Journal, then we reserve the right to integrate them with a refreshment up to 1000 euros“.” We must simplify and ensure that the resources allocated arrive simply, quickly, quickly. “We paid 85% of layoffs, almost 80% of autonomous bonuses, measures for 4.6 million workers. We worked to make the steps less cumbersome and we hope to make up for lost time, having streamlined the procedure “. 1.4 billion for universities and research and the hiring of 4000 new researchers.

“We are confident of delivering the shock absorbers even more expeditiously than has happened so far. We have not escaped the delays and we are trying to remedy” and then Conte added that there is “a substantial intervention for health care, equal to 3 billion and 250 millions”.

He is “full – bodied” according to what Conte reported in the press conference on tourism package in the Relaunch decree, with a tax credit “up to 500 euros for all families with Isee less than 40 thousand euros. The first IMU installment is a subscription for hotels and bathing establishments. Restaurants and bars will be able to occupy public land without paying the Tosap also thanks to the collaboration with Anci. And there is an eye for our artists “. For the occupation of public land “Bars and restaurants will not pay Tosap, thanks to the collaboration with the Anci.

“Making a tax discount for all businesses today”, as happens in the relaunch dl, “means providing an indirect form of liquidity, it means leaving money in the coffers of companies. We have not defined a reform of the tax system, it is a one-off intervention. Our goal is to face a more comprehensive tax reform in perspective, but we cannot do it in this condition. We need to deal with the emergency first, “said Conte.

The additional 9 weeks of Cig in derogation that companies can request until October will be managed directly by INPS, skipping the passage with the Regions. This is provided for by the law which is the result of an agreement with the governors to speed up the disbursement of the benefit that enters the revival decree. The company will apply directly to the INSP which, in 15 days from the arrival of the application, will pay an advance of the check of 40%.

190 million incentives for healthcare workers are arriving. In the latest draft circulated, the norm for premiums for doctors and nurses has changed from previous drafts. The allocation, explain by the government, now amounts to 190 million euros.

“With the relaunch decree, the defense is enhanced more against Covid.” This was underlined by the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, who underlines how 100 million euros have been allocated, among other things, to increase the staff of Safe Roads by 500 units and to increase the overtime hours to 40 for the military in operation. Additional resources also for the overtime of military doctors and nurses. Enhancement also of the 3 military hospitals.

Agreement on migrants found. On the regularization of seasonal workers “a bloody battle did not take place, it is a complex measure, which required careful evaluation. An evaluation supplement was requested from the M5S, in fact I would like to thank the 5 Star Movement because we have studied some aspects”. The Prime Minister Conte said this by announcing the agreement found on the issue of migrants for whom regularization has been requested. “It is not a problem of numbers, it is of substance. The principles exile any consideration of the numbers” of the regularizations. It is an important result and also a battle of civilizations. “” I did not make an exact study of the numbers but I am much more limited numbers “of 600 thousand migrants to be regularized. “If we abandon ourselves to the comparisons, I believe that the center-right governments have regularized 877 thousand migrants, those on the left over 500 thousand. If they are wrong numbers I apologize in advance. But it is not a problem of numbers, it is of substance”.

On the sidelines of the press conference for communications relating to the Relaunch, the Minister of University and Research, Gaetano Manfredi he commented: “Today is a historic day for University and Research. With the ‘Relaunch Decree”, the government invests about one billion and 400 million euros on the future of Italy “.” Here is a great opportunity for young people Italian talents – stressed Manfredi -. If our brains abroad want to return to add their contribution to the rebirth of the country, they will soon have all the possibilities to do so, also because the assignment of the new 5600 researcher positions represents the largest plan in recent Italian history. It is above all with the merit, competence and talent of our young people that we will be able to relaunch Italy and win the health, economic and social challenge against the coronavirus. We look to the future starting from the young and the skills “.

“For companies in the hospitality sectors, to address the costs to adapt to the new requirements, we allocate a good 2 billion”, explained the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri at the press conference. “We support families and businesses in a difficult time, but we also lay the foundations for the restart and recovery” added Gualtieri who focused on income support measures, extended “so that no one is left alone, dependent and autonomous, and families in difficulty “. “I like that in the Raising Decree there is an income support for all those who do not have it because of the coronavirus – he stressed – but also that there is the greatest funding in history to the University and research, to finance the our tomorrow and not just the present “. Banks will be faster in providing state-guaranteed loans. And the direct refreshment to businesses, Gualtieri says, will arrive in June together with the “non-payment” of Irap. “It is perfectly true that in the loans to small businesses there has been too much slowness on the part of the banks, we have not been happy at all. In some cases it took a few hours, in other several days: the rules allow disbursement of 25,000 euros in 48 hours – he specified -. With this decree and with the conversion of the liquidity decree there will be new amendments to strengthen the provision and speed up the liquidity concession “. In the Raising Decree “there is support for the capitalization of SMEs which contributes, with public resources, both to sustaining losses and to tackling one of the structural knots of our production system, the low capitalization” concluded the minister.

The relaunch decree allocates “6 billion” for compensation to companies “which invoice from zero to 5 million euros and that they had a drop in turnover of 33%, basically the whole “, said the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli at the end of the CDM. The compensation will go “from € 2,000 to over € 40,000 for companies that have lost the ability to bill”. The decree “proposes the 600 euro bonus for a monthly payment for the same audience as Cura Italia but extends it for a third monthly payment for some audiences most affected by the crisis” with “a further allocation of almost 4.5 billion” specified Patuanelli.

With the dl Relaunch others are foreseen 4,200 grants for schools of specialization in medicine, in collaboration with the ministry of the University. This was announced by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza in a press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers. With the appropriations provided by the relaunch decree, intensive care places “increase by 115%: it goes steadily from 5,179 places before the pandemic emergency to over 11,000 places “added Speranza.
Of the 3.25 billion earmarked for Healthcare since the Relaunch, “240 million will go to new hires, including those of 9,600 nurses destined for the territory “, added Speranza.

The Minister for Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia announced at the end of the CDM that the “simplification and acceleration of the procedures for granting the redundancy fund are part of the relaunch decree. Indeed, the Council of Ministers accepted the proposal on which we had reached an agreement at the end of a confrontation with the Regions and with the Minister Catalfo. A solution resulting from a positive institutional collaboration that meets the need to modify procedures that are not suitable for the emergency we are facing and that will benefit many workers and companies in this difficult moment “.

“To counter the risk of rising unemployment, in addition to the extension of the stop to layoffs for another 3 months, a measure I strongly wanted was introduced into the decree thanks to which companies can allocate a portion of the hours to the training of workers, which will be paid by the State (including social security and welfare contributions) thanks to a special “Training Fund” financed with 230 million euros “, writes the Minister of Labor Catalfo on Fb.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Dario Franceschini in chat with the sector associations summarized the measures for the sector contained in the relaunch dl: holiday bonus for families with an income not exceeding 40 thousand euros, stop at the first installment of the imu for hotel businesses and beach clubs and not only for a total value of 4 billion euros.

“Now is the time to get Italy back on track. Safety and relaunch are our watchwords. With today’s decree, the government has put in place 55 billion for businesses, workers and families. The biggest investment in the university , on health, green incentives, help not to leave people and businesses alone. Unprecedented resources in the history of the Republic. Now two priorities: money in your pocket and maximum simplification. The Italians want solutions “. So the secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti.


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