Reopening, the 8 recommendations of the Cts to prevent the rise of the coronavirus


Social distancing by maintaining an interpersonal distance of not less than one meter, rigorous hand, personal and environmental hygiene, ability to control and respond to the health services of territorial and hospital public health. These are the three starting criteria of the Scientific Technical Committee of 15 May, contained in Annex 10 to the DCPM launched on Sunday 17.THE COMPLETE TEXT

In the document of the group of scientists assisting the executive, “the CTS identifies its specific task in the expression of general health recommendations on prevention and containment measures, referring to the various proposers and to the competent local authorities the most appropriate choice of the declination of direction and operational on the basis of the most accurate knowledge of the technical and organizational aspects in specific contexts ».

Phase 2, discos open from June 8 in Sicily: the ordinance
Dpcm, Conte signed: full text with all measures

Then the Committee, making reference to the steering documents produced by ISS and INAIL, makes eight recommendations:

1. The risk of aggregation and crowding and the possibility of effectively preventing it in individual situations and in accessing them;
2. The proximity of people (eg workers, users, etc.) to static contexts (eg people all stationary in fixed positions), dynamic (people in motion) or mixed (simultaneous presence of people in fixed positions and others in movement);
3. The effective possibility of maintaining the appropriate mask by everyone in the recommended contexts;
4. The risk associated with the main transmission routes (droplet and contact) in particular with contamination from the droplet in relation to the contact surfaces;
5. The concrete possibility of accessing frequent and effective hand hygiene;
6. Adequate ventilation in indoor environments;
7. Adequate cleaning and sanitation of rooms and surfaces;
8. The availability of effective information and communication.
The scientists’ document is part of the attachments to the DCPM which regulate in detail the reopening of all sectors from Monday 18 that Il is able to publish. Last updated: May 18, 02:44



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