Professor Dr. Kerem Alkin explained the main purpose of economic attacks: They’re forcing Turkey to the IMF


Alkin, who stated his opinions in the statement made by Istanbul Medipol University, stated that after the spread of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak globally, the trend towards cash money, especially US dollars, has increased.

Stating that the US dollar has appreciated against the world’s leading currencies in the last 2.5 months, Alkin said:

“In the first days of the epidemic in the USA, the dollar index, which fell below 95 points on 9 March, started to rise again with the increasing interest in the US dollar in the following days and especially the negative picture of the social and economic impact of the epidemic on the EU front. It even saw a score of 102.82, which caused the currencies of G-20 countries, especially the euro / dollar parity, to depreciate against the US dollar. Is the US administration satisfied with the appreciation of the dollar for the dollar? Increasing the pressure on the US Central Bank (Fed) to follow a monetary policy that will depreciate the dollar. For this reason, the dollar index decreased to 99 points twice on April 14th and 30th. their money fell once again against the dollar. “

Professor Dr. Kerem Alkin stated that London-based financial institutions manipulate dollar / TL, “In a conjuncture in which the Brazilian real, South African rand and Indian rupee suffer serious depreciation, the depreciation of the currencies of all developing countries is 14 percent. The depreciation in TL is 17 percent. The critical issue here is the Turkish lira from London-based foreign financial institutions. The London-based banks, who tried to get TL to buy dollars, could not find the TL they had to buy, and the positions remained open. When the bank tried to sell it short, they fell into default. The BRSA and the CBRT did not allow exchange manipulation through London using the TL opportunities at Turkish banks. used expressions.

Istanbul Medipol University Business and Management Sciences Faculty Alkin, said the international financial group economist of Turkey within the environment of speculators and abroad, no matter what you want to redirect to a loan agreement with the IMF.

on Turkey “pressure” that transfers to be formed Alkin, he found the following assessment:

“In Recent opinion surveys, the Turkish people, 69 percent is completely counter to make a deal with the IMF. This business will be like? Latin American countries in the IMF, which led to pay a very heavy economic and social costs, Turkey’s ‘memory’ best moment to sign Why is this insistence when the IMF’s global reputation is so bad? It is hard to understand it too … We will witness that when the fight against the virus has succeeded and the world economy has opened up, the exchange rates have come back so harshly. In his attack, the exchange tested again here, then declined to 5.2 liras. So we witnessed 2 liras and serious losses. “


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