New era in restaurants: interesting method due to corona


Kadikoy A restaurant operating in Istanbul took extraordinary measures against the corona virus. The fever of the customers who want to enter the restaurant is measured with corometer virus. Customers are taken to the restaurant by wearing masks and gloves. The measures taken against the virus received great appreciation from customers who were waiting for their order.


coronavirus Due to hygiene, more attention was given to restaurants. In Kadıköy, the waiters at a workplace that takes measures against corona virus to the top, serve customers using masks and gloves. The customers coming to the restaurant place their orders by wearing masks and gloves. The tables and chairs will be cleaned constantly by the staff with special disinfected cloths. 2 people will sit on the tables while maintaining social distance and the contact will be eliminated by dividing the table with a transparent separator (transparent separator). In addition, disposable gelatinous dishes, spoons, salt shakers, toothpicks and wet wipes will be offered to the customer as a single use.


A restaurant owner who stated that they have taken all their precautions against the corona virus shortly before the ban on eating in the restaurants ended, said: “We measure the fever of our customers coming to the restaurant with fever. We take all hygienic precautions by using the products of disinfection. In the future, we have taken all our preparations and precautions, considering that customers will be free to eat and spend time in restaurants. We aimed to protect the social distance by opening the tables in the hall, as well as putting 2 chairs on the tables, we posted warnings on other chairs. We prevented contact by placing social spacers (separators) on the tables. We aimed to maintain the distance between the tables by putting the social distance screen between them. In addition, we constantly disinfect our workplace, our tables are cleaned and wiped for the customers, and we made the entire dinner set personal. We aimed for each customer to have their serving plates, salt shakers, forks, glasses with gelatin and on their tables. Our customers, who come to take out takeaway, like our work and count the days to eat at our tables where precautions are taken after the obstacle disappears ”.



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