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[Rassegna stampa] – Marco Simoncelli is still missing at all. To pay homage to him and to continue his passion, his father Paolo remained in the racing world more than actively. And today he is also waiting to know how the coronavirus situation will evolve, with the opportunity to see two races on the circuit named after his son, namely Misano.

Paolo Simoncelli is a wonderful person. He learned from life the raw meaning of the verb to start again. Fate stole his greatest love, his son Marco, who died in Malaysia on October 23, 2011 during a MotoGP race. To the pain that does not pass, because there are wounds that do not heal, Simoncelli father reacted in the only way that instinct suggested to him. Sharing. His team was among those who participated in the last world championship event. In Qatar, in early March. Cause virus, a geological era seems past. Instead, two months have passed. «I had to go to the desert to assist my drivers – recalls Simoncelli senior -. They prevented me from leaving at the last moment, the restrictions had started. Among the consequences of the pandemic there is also the threat to the future of sport and everyone has understood it by now. If we are in my world, on motorcycles, I expect Dorna, the company that organizes the world championship, to give a hand to the small teams ». To what extent can the hypotheses of restart in the middle of summer be believed? «We are waiting for the green light of the traffic light. With our passion, many jobs are frozen and inevitably there are problems with sponsors. Hopefully the storm will pass. I suppose the rate of spread of the infections from here to June is decisive. The main requirement is the protection of the health of people operating in the pits. We can sadly do without the audience in the stands, people will console themselves with television. It’s not nice to think of races without fans. But we cannot play with the safety of pilots, engineers, mechanics. I am aware of the hypothesis on Misano. I don’t know the organizational dynamics, but ideally it would be a nice thing. For Marco the motorbike was enthusiasm, emotion, beauty ». And this people perceived it“.
Leo Turrini, Il Resto del Carlino, May 17, 2020

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