Ministers approved: grades 1-3, 11-12 will resume study on Sunday; The gardens a week later – Corona


The ministerial committee confirmed this morning that classes in grades 1-3, 11 and 12 will be resumed this Sunday, while in the other classes no later than 1 June. According to the decision, kindergartens and day care centers up to the age of three will open next Sunday – May 10. It was also decided that grades 9-12 in ultra-Orthodox institutions would return to study this Sunday, as would special education institutions and at-risk children and youth.

The National Security Office recommended in preparation for the hearing not to open the gardens until May 10, on the grounds of lack of readiness of the institutions and authorities and disagreements between the various bodies on how the return will be made. The NSC report criticized the Ministry of Health on the grounds that it had not issued an order allowing the Ministry of Education to prepare properly for return to school, stating that “the cleaning and disinfection policy requested by it is not applicable”. In contrast, the headquarters praised the Ministry of Education for its return to routine.

A demonstration by educators yesterday in Tel AvivPhoto: Megad Guzani

Minister of Labor and Welfare Ophir Acunis, whose office is in charge of day care and private nurseries, said the ministry was not prepared to open it at this time and therefore proposed to postpone the opening to reach agreements on the matter with the Treasury.

Ministry of Health Director General Moshe Bar Seaman Tov expressed support for re-enrollment in grades 1 through 3 in groups of up to 15 children. The school is opening this Sunday, according to a government decision made Monday.

One minister said at the meeting that “changes in health decisions are taking local authorities off balance and driving the public crazy.” Yesterday, a source in the Ministry of Education called the Zigzag Health Ministry conduct, claiming to change its position. Interior Minister Aryeh Deri offered to return to school in seventh grade and above, saying “they do not need a babysitter. Mature ages have a higher awareness of hygiene.”

Yesterday, officials at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and organizations operating preschool day care centers estimated that studies in dormitories and private kindergartens would not resume. According to sources well-versed in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Health has not yet provided clear guidelines on the operation of early childhood frameworks, designed for children under the age of 3, and therefore institutions cannot be properly prepared to open them. The supervised families will not open Next week, after their caretakers announced that they would disable their activities.

A report by the Gartner Institute, the National Institute of Epidemiology and Health Policy, stated yesterday Children contract less than adults, Are less contagious to the environment and are not considered “super-distributors” of the virus. However, the report – which should be a significant pillar of the Ministry of Health’s position and influence the government’s decision to open the education system – presents a vague and inconsistent picture, the conclusions and recommendations of which are not clearly in line with its findings.


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