Maldini: ‘The story of my family with AC Milan will hardly end …’ – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The d.t. rossonero, guest at “Che tempo che fa” talked about coronavirus (“For 15 days it was hard”) and about the restart: “I think you have to try to finish the championship, football is a company, it has an induced 5 billion … “

Paolo Maldini, technical director of Milan, was a guest of Fabio Fazio at “Che tempo che fa”. He spoke of the coronavirus nightmare experienced by his family, of Milan and the restart of the championship: “Resume Serie A? I think we should try to finish the championship, football is a company, it has an induced income of 5 billion and not only economic but also social importance. The other sports are supported by the revenues of football, you have to do everything safely but you have to try. ”


The former Azzurri, current AC Milan manager, continued: “It will be difficult to find a protocol, it is difficult to get everyone to agree, I attended the League meetings, but there is a general idea of ​​starting again. Of course, when I hear 25-30 day retreats it’s not good because it jokes with the mental health of the players who have already been almost two months at home. ” Fazio tries to make him say something about the controversy of the last few days for the likely arrival of Rangnick and he replies: “If I stay? My family’s history with Milan is so long that it will hardly have an end … “.

Familial virus

Maldini at the beginning of the connection also focused on the coronavirus that he knew well: “I, my wife and my two children were hit. Fortunately, now I’m fine, I won’t hide from you that for 15 days it has been tough enough. It took me another 15 days to regain strength. Daniel, the youngest, had a different answer than me and my wife. ”


Who wins the championship? “By the law of large numbers I would say Lazio: Juve has been low in the past eight years, sooner or later the time will come,” concludes Maldini.


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