J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, is interested in Bitcoin


Elon Musk has unveiled the Bitcoin issue (BTC) in his possession during a Twitter discussion with J.K. Rowling, author of the famous series of novels “Harry Potter”, which asked the community for more information on the cryptocurrency:

“I don’t understand Bitcoin, could someone please explain how it works?”

Vitalik Buterin replies to J.K. Rowling

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, he replied:

“It is a digital currency, there are about 18 million units of it. Its value is not based on anything, it is precious because yes … like collectibles.

There is a computer network, which anyone can join, which maintains a sort of decentralized Excel spreadsheet of how many coins each person has.

People find it interesting because this network is not controlled by any central authority. There is not a single group of people who can decide to mint additional coins or change the rules for political reasons. “

However, it seems that community responses have not convinced J.K. Rowling, that commented:

“People are explaining Bitcoin to me, but honestly what I understand is blah blah blah collectibles (My Little Pony?), Blah blah blah computer (I have one) blah blah blah crypto (It seems disturbing) blah blah blah you have to understand the risks (not that I understood) … “

Elon Musk claims to own only 0.25 BTC

The discussion was joined by even Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, who replied:

“Well, that’s basically it. But the huge issue of money from central banks is making Bitcoin, Internet money, look much more solid in comparison.

Be that as it may, I only have 0.25 BTC. “

However, not everyone believed Musk’s words. Alistair Milne, a well-known cryptocurrency investor, he commented:

“It’s called OpSec, it’s something anyone who owns Bitcoin should learn … too bad I was the first not to follow this rule.”

Does Musk plan to sell all his physical assets?

Two weeks ago, Musk published a series of bizarre Twitter messages, in which he also expressed his willingness to sell all his physical assets:

“I will sell all my physical assets, I will not own any home. […] Just one clause: I own Gene Wilder’s old house. It cannot be demolished or lose its soul. “

The announcement sparked panic among Bitcoin traders, who feared that Elon would also plan to sell all its BTCs, thus causing the price of the cryptocurrency to collapse. But if he really only owns 0.25 units, investors have nothing to fear.


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