Italy is back on the road. Government rules for a safe start


Prime Minister Conte has signed the new dpcm, after the agreement with the Regions which grants them more autonomy and responsibility. Starting from tomorrow drastic relaxation of the lockdown: we will be free to move within our region, while continuing to maintain the social distance of at least one meter. Mask requirement where this is not possible or in closed places. Prohibition to leave home with fever greater than 37.5. From May 25 green light to gyms and sports centers, from June 3 reopening of EU borders.

Here the text of the decree:
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– Obligation to wear masks in closed places except under-6s. Self-made masks, as long as they are multilayer, also do well;

– people with a fever over 37.5 degrees must stay at home;

– interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter;

– from 15 June summer camps for children are possible even in closed places, respecting the protocols (for example one adult for every 5 children under 5 years of age);

– motor activity is allowed but with at least two meters distance;

– sporting events are still suspended, training allowed but behind closed doors;

– from 25 May gyms, swimming pools, sports clubs reopen;

– the lifts in the ski areas remain closed;

– the holding of public events is allowed only with static form and with distancing;

– arcades, betting, bingo are closed;

– from 15 June cinemas, theaters and concert halls reopen. Interpersonal distance requirement of one meter. A maximum of one thousand spectators outdoors, 200 indoors;

– discos, both indoors and outdoors, fairs and conferences remain closed;

– access to places of worship and religious services take place according to the protocols stipulated with religious confessions and annexes to the Dpcm;

– reopen museums, libraries with quota and respect for the protocol stipulated with the regions and annexed to the Dpcm;

– attendance in schools and universities is suspended, except for training courses in general medicine;

– the activities of cultural, social and wellness centers are suspended;

– escorts cannot stay in the emergency room;

– visits to RSAs and hospices are limited;

– retail businesses, bars, restaurants, pubs, ice cream shops, patisseries, barbers, hairdressers are restarting, in compliance with the protocol with the regions annexed to the Dpcm;

– banking, financial, insurance services and the food supply chain remain open;

– the activities of the bathing establishments and accommodation facilities are carried out according to the protocol with the regions, annexed to the Dpcm.

– production activities continue to be exercised according to the rules of the protocol between the Government and the social partners, annexed to the Dpcm;

– elderly people are advised not to leave the house except out of strict necessity;

– from 3 June, travel to and from the EU, the Schengen countries and the United Kingdom are not subject to any restrictions. For other countries, the restrictions remain until June 15;

– cruise services are suspended;

– transport activities continue according to the sector protocol, attached to the Dpcm.

Prohibited marches and events allowed only “in static form”. This is what the dpcm signed tonight by Prime Minister Conte on Phase 2 of the coronavirus emergency foresees. “The holding of public events – reads article 1 of the provision – is allowed only in static form, provided that, during them, the prescribed social distances and other containment measures are observed”. The demonstrations, warns the Prime Minister, must also comply with the “prescriptions imposed by the questore pursuant to article 18 of the Consolidated Law on public safety laws referred to in the Royal Decree of June 18, 1931, no. 773”.


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