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Corona virus – a snapshot in Israel and around the world

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12:00 – Partitions to maintain the health of bus drivers

The transport ministry’s administration last night approved bus drivers’ safeguard procedures for the return of public transport services to almost full work. The new regulations were obtained following a petition by the drivers ‘organization to the court, which states that about 6,000 buses will be protected by special partitions to maintain drivers’ health. The cost of the move is estimated at NIS 40 million.

Bus drivers said in response that “Installing partitions is an important tool not only in protecting against the Corona virus – the partitions will prevent violence against the drivers. We hope this is another step on the road to defining the driver’s profession as a public employee. We will continue to be at the forefront in protecting bus drivers in routine and emergency.”
(Lior Gutman)

11:30 am – A real bear will lead the government’s marketing chain fight

Representatives of the retail chains led by Harel Wiesel chose True Bear, chairman of the business sector, to lead the fight with the Treasury and the government when it comes to helping large businesses. The choice was made in the background of disagreements between the delegation and the treasury officials, as well as criticism from other sectors of the delegation’s activity. Weizel’s meeting was held yesterday with a real presence, Harel Weisel of Fox and Shachar Turgman of Brill – as representatives of the Trade and Fashion Organization – and other organizations such as Lahav, restaurant representatives, gyms, tax consultants, lawyers and players, it was decided that the organizations should be united in all matters. To the Corona crisis.

Amitai is due to announce his outline of NIS 6 billion in aid allocated by the government to employ and restore workers to their jobs. Among other things, Amitai will also recommend compensation to businesses whose sales turnover has fallen by more than 25% and yet retained employees – and not just businesses that return employees to work. It should be noted that the NIS 6 billion grant is intended not only for large businesses, but for all businesses in the economy, small and large.
(Summer pitch)

11:10 – Nine more patients, without getting rid of yesterday

The Ministry of Health announced that nine more corona patients were diagnosed in Israel yesterday, and the total number of diagnosed patients increased to 16,314. The death toll remained 238, unchanged from yesterday. At this stage there are 90 patients in serious condition and 70 who are breathing. Also, since yesterday, another 25 patients have recovered, and the total number of recoverers is 10,527.

11:05 – About 24,000 independents were found eligible for the grant

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that it would be possible to apply for funds from the second push of the Independent Grant as early as Tuesday, last night, the Tax Authority website opened the possibility of applying.
However, this morning, following loads, the site is redirecting applicants to try to register again later in the day. The Tax Authority notes that approximately 24,000 self-employed persons were found eligible for the grant.

8.30am – There is an agreement: Most supervised daycare will open on Sunday

The Labor and Social Welfare and Finance Ministries have reached an agreement tonight (Tuesday and Wednesday) with the organizations running most daycare centers and early childhood supervised nursing homes for their return to activity this Sunday. The agreement sets out an outline for operating the nursery under the Corona restrictions and for financial compensation for the period in which they did not operate, for almost two months, in the state’s instruction. Tens of thousands of toddlers return to work in dormitories and nurseries.

The Corona’s first wave of infection has waned, and alongside estimates that another wave may break in the coming weeks, the healthcare system is already looking far ahead and warning of next winter. One of the most troubling scenarios for the medical system is the widespread infection wave in Corona that will occur in parallel with the flu epidemic, and the Ministry of Health explains that a scenario of 3,000 registered patients should be prepared in this case.

Although hospitals have not yet been instructed to prepare for another wave next winter, Health Minister Moshe Bar Good has sent a letter to Meir Ben Shabbat, chief of National Security Staff (MLA), on Sunday, detailing all the health system’s needs for next winter . From the list of requirements that Bar Good has presented, there is an alarming picture of equipment shortages, hospital beds, personnel and medicines in hospitals.

Ichilov Photo: Shaul Golan

“We must be ready for the next wave and make the best use of the time we have to be fully prepared,” Bar Good wrote, and stated: The system needs, among other things, 2,000 additional inpatient beds at a cost of about NIS 2 billion, and 3,500 New standards for doctors, nurses and personnel support hospitals.

The Ministry of Health estimates that tackling the virus in Israel will continue for at least the end of 2021, and in its letter the chief executive noted that the Treasury has not yet approved the addition of 1,000 nurses to which it has already been agreed, and also warned of a severe shortage of drugs in general and of the intensive care unit in particular. A budget of NIS 1.5 billion is required. He also requested an additional NIS 100 million for the independent hospitals, despite the confrontation with Hadassah Hospital and its CEO Zeev Rothstein.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that Israel will embark on a huge operation of serological testing for antibodies in the next two weeks. As part of the operation, the HMOs will conduct 100,000 blood tests designed to check the extent of the corona virus in the population and the degree of immunity it has developed. The tests will show who has not yet been exposed to the virus, and who has already been exposed and developed antibodies against it.

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