IMF drew a very pessimistic picture for the world


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Kristalima Georgieva signaled to further reduce the forecasts in the global economic outlook report, which they published three weeks ago and predicted a 3 percent contraction in the global economy.

According to Reuters, Georgieva warned the US and China not to reignite a trade war that would weaken the post-epidemic recovery.


Speaking at an event organized by the European University Institute, Georgieva pointed out that the latest data for many countries are below the IMF’s already pessimistic estimates.

“Unfortunately, for some economies, more unfavorable scenarios can happen if there is no fast medical solution,” the IMF President pointed out that it is difficult to make predictions because the virus is not known how to act.

Forecasting a 3 percent shrinkage for the global economy in 2020, the IMF emphasized that this figure was the heaviest crisis after the Great Depression in the 1930s. The IMF called the last epidemic crisis the “big isolation” (or major closure).


“There may be a natural tendency to retreat to the borders, and it is very, very important to resist,” said Georgieva, on the question of the possibility of a trade war between China and the USA climbing.

“Reviving global trade is critical for economic recovery,” said the IMF President, “Otherwise, costs will increase, revenues will decrease and it will be a less secure world.”

The IMF has financed 50 out of 103 countries seeking financial assistance due to the corona virus outbreak.


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