GTA Online servers could not stand Epic’s campaign: statement came from Rockstar


Epic Games Storeis free this week GTA 5 campaign caught off guard GTA Online servers. With hundreds of thousands of new players flocking to servers, access troubles began to appear in GTA Online. Rockstar Games released a small statement on the subject today.

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Rockstar Support Twitter In the post shared from his account,“Due to the player volume reaching extreme levels, we are currently experiencing some problems with Rockstar Games Services, including Rockstar Games Launcher and GTA V on the PC platform. We are actively working to resolve issues and will continue to share developments on the subject.” expressions were used.

It is truly an incredible success that almost a seven-year game is still so popular. When Epic announced this campaign for the first time, many gamers said, “Is GTA 5 not playing?” He gave such reactions. However, with the collapse of the Epic Games Store first and then the GTA Online servers, we have seen that the situation is not as expected at all. Although it has sold over 120 million copies, millions of players still haven’t experienced GTA 5.

Epic’s campaign is of course especially On the DH forums attracted great attention. A DH with a subject recently opened in our forum, for this campaign full 350 different Epic accounts was talking about opening it. There were also those who said that during the first hours of the campaign, many of us received GTA 5 from 6-7 different accounts while they could not even reach the Epic Store.

Epic Games Store’s free game next week is now highly anticipated. There are rumors of Civilization VI, but nothing has yet been confirmed. Epic is said to continue to surprise us over the next month. We will continue to share developments as much.

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