“Good sign bar moved the system”


Good sign bar(Photo: Oral Cohen)

The health system continues to address the decision on Tuesday Moshe Bar is a good sign
To leave, asRevealed on Ynet,
The CEO position Ministry of Health towards
The entry of July Edelstein
To the position of Minister in charge. “I think he handled the Corona crisis well,” said Barzilai Hospital Director in Ashkelon Prof. Hezi Levy about the man who in 2015 faced Petition to the High Court against his appointment.

BThe letter of retirement
Which he passed today to the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
And to the current Minister of Health Jacob Litzman,
Bar noted: “I am proud of my years as CEO and especially in dealing with the Corona crisis. I will keep the time required for moving a neat stick. ”

The retiring CEO added: “The State of Israel service is the greatest privilege. After nearly 20 years in public service, of which five years as Director General of the Ministry of Health, the time has come to move on. ”

Barzilai Hospital Director Prof. Levy further commented on Bar Seaman’s resignation that “Bersi is a CEO who has accumulated a lot of knowledge and moved the system, and this is a problem in the midst of managing the crisis CEOs are replacing. Everyone is talking about Israel being in good shape, And probably that is also his merit.

“The crisis is being managed properly and we need to see how the momentum in the professional and health management of this crisis, including the dialogue with the other government ministries, needs to continue to lean on the vast knowledge that is accumulated and this is currently the challenge. We all welcomed it.”

A senior health official said in the background that “the expectation from the CEO or any management person is to know how to manage people and contain different ideas, different sectors and opinions, and to be well versed in the field that it covers.

“The CEO of the Ministry of Health, who is not from the field and in some professions, has shown modesty and in some places he has not shown modesty when it comes to learning. They took a man who was a financial star who ran two and a half people and let him run such a big system. In the end what happened was that with some people he was able to connect and with some not. He tried to create splits between doctors and other professions, did “segregate and govern” and tried to impose all kinds of illogical procedures, such as with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists and other people in the profession. ”

Prof. Afek (Photo: Ido Erez) (Photo: Ido Erez)Prof. Afek(Photo: Ido Erez)

Another senior health official said: “Moshe Bar Good has influenced the health system for more than a decade. Prior to the CEO position, he was the Deputy in charge of the budgets responsible for the welfare and health system as a whole in the Ministry of Finance. He budgeted the system while he was in the Ministry of Finance and paradoxically brief the fruits of the budgeting method when he was the Director General of the Ministry of Health.

The senior added: “The Medical Histadrut opposed the appointment of a non-physician CEO and even applied to the High Court, but he was appointed. His years in the Ministry of Health have withdrawn the health system in terms of its adaptation to the needs of Israeli citizens. The longs for specialist doctors, and the congestion in hospitals. ”

Prof. Arnon Afek, Deputy CEO of Sheba and Chairman of the Association of Hospitals, served as Director General of the Ministry of Health before Bar Seaman. Between the CEO and the Minister. To bridge the professional factors with the same policy that the Minister outlines and influence, and that is exactly the role of the CEO in each system. When ministers come in – many of the CEOs were professionals. Moshe Barr is a good mark in his profession as a leading health economist, and it is only natural that he would like to end his job upon leaving Litzman. “


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