Giovanna woos Alessandro and Sammy is furious


In anticipations of Men and Women today 18 May, Giovanna Abate does not want to give up Alessandro Graziani. Woman injured from being left behind, she comes to make an unexpected gesture.

Giovanna Abate changes her mind: she wants Alessandro Graziani back back in the studio a Men and women to woo her. Giovanna saw the former tempter of Serena Enardu on Temptation Island receive the courting proposal from three ladies who wanted to meet him and went into paranoia.

In love Wins who flees? Giovanna the huntress cannot tolerate that Graziani has chosen to leave since dating show by Maria De Filippi without her eliminating it? Unacceptable.

Giovanna jealous of Alessandro


Then Giovanna Abate decides to follow Graziani out of the studio and invites him to have a chat in a meadow outside the men’s and women’s studios. In advances proposed by WittyTv, reference site of the De Filippi programs, orggi, Monday 18 May, we see the comparison between Giovanna and Alessandro.

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“When you left the other time I asked myself whether to come to you and ask you to stay,” Giovanna begins to speak, who however admits she didn’t do it because she wasn’t able to motivate you with all my heart as I would like. And in fact I didn’t come. ” M having seen him in the studio, above all not for her, “made me understand that I wanted to come and talk to you. I didn’t know you were going to be in the studio today. ”

Alessandro is happy to see Giovanna at least partially retrace his steps, however he is very hesitant. He can’t trust her, can not afford to expose yourself to wounds that are unlikely to heal:

But if I hadn’t been there today, what would have happened?

he asks her like that, point-blank. The tronista initially gives a clear, dry answer:

If you hadn’t been in the studio today I would never have come looking for you

But … there is. there is one though:

Today you go away from the studio and it comes to me to come after you. What is that? It is something that you do not control, Alessandro is not thought of. Was it fate? Was it the birth? “Asks the abbot,” What do I know what brought me here. I am here. And on the episode I should have seen Sammy instead: I never hid anyone how much I liked him, but I’m here ”

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“How much do you like …”, he corrects her Alexander. Because she doesn’t believe that the girl doesn’t like Sammy anymore. Will it be enough for you to see Hassan to capitulate, just as it happened when you saw her? It can actually be. But she continues on her way: “But I’m here …”. Graziani is afraid, he cannot take off his protective armor. He does not want and cannot afford it. “What should I think with what I have done? I didn’t get anything of what he got from you. Nothing”.

At the end Giovanna asks him to go back to the studio to court her: she now has a completely different vision, a totally different desire to see herself in the studio. “I can’t give you an answer now, Giovanna.” And he doesn’t want to answer the question that the tronista then asks him, that is what he is feeling for her at the moment. “I can’t tell you, I don’t want to tell you “… She leaves him, goes back to the studio, but before she hurries to whisper to him: “I tell you that to finish my path you have to be there too, Ale”.

Sammy waits for Giovanna, but …


Meanwhile in connection with the study of Sammy Hassan has been around for men and women, suitor of the Abbot and certainly the boy who is fascinating and not a little Giovanna. Waiting for Giovanna for so long is making him nervous, and in fact …


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