Ezio Bosso, the pianist who knew how to move, is dead. He was 48 years old


The first thing to get me in the sun. The second will be to hug a tree. From his home in Bologna, Ezio Bosso so he put them in line a few days ago, in the last interview with the Courier, the resolutions for when the cages will open. Unfortunately, however, it will not be so. Ezio Bosso dead. Conductor, composer and pianist, Ezio Bosso was born in Turin on September 13, 1971. He was 48 years old.

Bosso has been living with one since 2011 neurodegenerative disease who was immediately diagnosed with surgery for a brain tumor to which he was subjected the same year. Initially his disease was identified by the media as Sla, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a pathology in which the first symptoms, episodes of muscle atrophy, are transformed in a few years into the total impairment of vital functions.

Last September he announced to the public about having had to say goodbye to the piano because of the disease. If you love me, don’t ask me to sit on the piano and play. Among my ailments now I also have two disused fingers. If I can’t give enough on the piano, better leave it alone.

A few days ago, Bosso had also said he was studying scores that perhaps he will never direct, and had confessed his mad desire after these days of isolation: Embrace friends. By nature I am shy, reserved, and with the body I have a particular approach. I don’t hug anyone, just who I love. Always enveloping the other totally. This forced abstinence weighs on me. It will be interesting to find a physical relationship. Maybe there will be a little embarrassment, maybe a little fear. We will laugh or tears will come. I don’t know how it will be. But whatever it is we will smile. Happy to be alive.

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