Dying Light 2, worrying rumors about development: it would be “total chaos”


The development of Dying Light 2 it would be “total chaos”, according to internal sources a Techland consulted by the Polish portal Polskigamedev.pl.

The article created by the European site is in the local language and has been translated by a Twitter user and then republished on ResetEra, but in the absence of a verification on the translation it will be necessary to treat it even more with pliers.

The game had been moved from its launch window original of spring 2020 for unspecified reasons, which we could now add to the precarious condition of its development.

As reported by the translation of the article, the leadership team – including veteran Chris Avellone – would have no idea what he is doing and would be forcing the developers until around 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

The pre-production team would have been particularly insulted on several occasions, while there would be a lack of organization on the upper floors that would have turned on the work of the Polish software house.

It would not be known if the bugs found will be resolved within the year and there would not even be a “vertical slice”, a demo to be presented to the press and to the players.

dying light 2

Morale would therefore be at an all-time low, especially because the end of the development cycle would never be seen: the creative guides would continually change their mind even after deliveries of certain completed teams, and this – after very intense periods of work – would be discouraging everyone.

The turnover in the team would therefore be at the highest levels: 15% of the team would leave their role every year, although often for other projects inside Techland, but it is reported that already 50 people would have left the company entirely due to the toxic atmosphere and mismanagement.

It would therefore not be a coincidence that from the postponement onwards we are focusing heavily on the former Dying Light, with updates that have resumed getting beaten and are even planned for the whole summer.


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