Black seed and propolis strengthen the immune system


Pointing to the need to pay attention to the daily amount in the use of solvents such as propylene glycol with ethyl alcohol or alcohol derivative in the propolis, Yeşilada stated that the daily use amount of propylene glycol is limited to 25 milligrams per kilogram by the World Health Organization.

Yeşilada explained that different scientific researches reveal that it is inconvenient to use such solvents especially in children, but the products obtained by dissolving pure propolis in water with special technology are safely used in adults and children.

Professor Dr. Erdem Yeşilada listed the following suggestions for fasting:

Another suggestion to support the immune system is to powder it before using black seed seeds and take a teaspoon and mix it with 1 teaspoon of chestnut honey and drink it. In this way, it is seen that blood values ​​recover rapidly. However, since black seed is rich in iron, its use should be avoided in patients with iron metabolism such as Mediterranean Anemia.


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