“Beilinson” and “Sharon” open two clinics for recoverers from Corona


Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, which controls Beilinson and Sharon Hospitals, announced the opening of two Corona virus cure clinics this morning. Needed: Corona disease can have long-term consequences, especially pulmonary injury whose effects are not yet known, so it is necessary to monitor patients who have also recovered to find out if they have developed antibodies and for how long they will get them immune to recurrence.

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The new dedicated clinics will treat healers to varying degrees: those who have passed the disease easily and those who are in serious condition and during hospitalization need ventilation and anesthesia.

The clinic in Sharon will be managed by the department managers who treat the patients and Dr. Tamar Gottesman, who is the director of the infection prevention service. Dr. Dana Yellin will be responsible for the clinic in Bilinson.

The new corona disease (-19COVID) erupted as a global epidemic four months ago. The virus arrived in Israel about 90 days ago. The symptoms of the virus and its short-term and long-term effects are now being studied by the best experts. The health care clinics from Corona’s disease that are now opening in Rabin Center will be one of the first in Israel. Their goals: Tracking, counseling and medical care for corona recoverers of various degrees of severity.

Patients from all health funds referred to these clinics will undergo in-depth inquiries by the Corona Department and Infectious Disease Physician and will, at their discretion, be referred for further consultation by specialists in various fields to address the medical problems that may arise from the disease.

The specialists will be from the fields of pulmonary, intensive care, cardiac, nervous system, geriatrics, clinical pharmacy and rehabilitative professions – physical therapy, nutrition, social work, occupational therapy and communication clinics.

Women who are pregnant during pregnancy will undergo specialist maternal and fetal evaluation and will be referred to the unit for regular follow-up to delivery. The specialists from Sharon Hospital, which changed its mission to treat Corona patients at the height of the epidemic in Israel, will be part of the clinic’s consultants. Dr. Gottesman has accompanied and advised all of the Corona patients who have been admitted to the hospital in recent months and she concentrates most of her knowledge on the disease and side effects.

Recuperators who were in serious condition will undergo comprehensive examination by an infectious disease doctor, intensive care physician, dietary and / or functional assessor, because the disease is characterized by significant weight loss. Adults who have become ill may reach malnutrition or malnutrition. A pulmonary doctor will check the patient’s lung functions and a cardiologist will refer him to a comprehensive cardiologic examination. Counseling will also be provided by a neurologist and clinical pharmacist, physical therapist, social worker, and occupational therapy instructor who will perform rehabilitative and psychosocial assessment.

Dr Dror Dicker, Director of Internal Department D of Hasharon, who ran the Corona Department at the hospital, said: “Some corona patients have developed pulmonary disease. Its severity ranges from mild to severe. Therefore, follow-up and sometimes physical therapy are needed.

“Besides the pulmonary aspect, there are other aspects that have long-term consequences. It is not yet known if these patients develop antibodies and for how long these antibodies confer immunity. The main focus will be on the development of antibody curves.

“The background diseases of those corona healers are another issue that requires careful attention and follow-up. The main risk factors for this disease are diabetes, hypertension and obesity. We specialize in this subject and monitor patients strictly as they may be out of balance. Our 12 patients, for example, were diabetic Therefore, we purchased libra instruments for monitoring sugar values ​​without stabbing, in general, about 30% of all Corona patients in Israel were diabetic, and 25% of patients expressed a cardiac injury that is still unclear – whether it is transient or permanent. Here we will have to pay attention and examine the meanings with the cardiologists.

“In addition,” Dr. Dicker noted, “we are also aware of changes in taste and smell sensations and this issue is followed up to find out whether this is a permanent injury or a passing event.

“Mental support is another important dimension that exists in the patient population. They were hospitalized under conditions of closure and uncertainty. There is an understandable fear of the unknown. In addition, they were treated for weeks for weeks whose face was not visible because of personal protection and masks. Appear urgent disorders that must be followed and answered correctly.

“Another issue is rehabilitative therapy, physical therapy: many older patients have weakened at the musculoskeletal level during hospitalization and so they will be referred to specialists on this issue.”

The clinic responsible for the Beilinson Clinic, Dr. Dana Yellin of the Infectious Diseases Unit, added: “To our delight, most patients with corona disease will recover from this new disease, fully and in the short term. However, the long-term effects of the disease on their health, physical and mental health are still unknown. That is why a clinic that is under one roof requires a large variety of professionals to assess and treat the ill. ”


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