An aerobatic plane crashed into a residential neighborhood


Was on his way to the Mets showcase. The plane dives down(Photo: Twitter)

A Canadian Air Force aerobatic plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in Kamloops City, British Columbia, on Sunday.Canada.
The plane was on its way to showcases aimed at encouraging residents during an epidemic The Corona.
One crew member was killed and another seriously injured. In one of the houses, which was apparently hit by the plane, a fire broke out. Watch the crash record, and the ejection of one of the crew from the plane.

In the documentation, two aerobatic planes of the Canadian Air Force’s aerobatic squadron are seen taking off from the airport. After takeoff, one of them is shot into the sky and suddenly flips over and dives to the ground. The documentation shows at least one person ejected from the plane that subsequently disappeared behind a tree lane. A few seconds later there was a loud explosion. Canada Police say the circumstances of the crash are still under investigation.

Aerobatic plane crash in British Columbia, Canada (Photo: Twitter)(Photo: Twitter)

Aerobatic plane crash in British Columbia, Canada (Photo: AP)

Residents with the pilot who landed on one of the roofs of the houses(Photo: AP)

“We are heartbroken to announce the death of one of the Snowbirds unit and the injury of another,” the Canadian Air Force said. However, it was reported that the wounded man, who apparently managed to open his parachute and land on the roof of one of the houses in the area, was not in danger. The Snowbirds unit is Canada’s aerobatic squadron.

A Canadian government official later said the slain was Jennifer Casey, who served as a squadron spokeswoman.

Rose Miller, who lives right in front of the plane crash scene, said the squadron arrived in the area on Saturday. Shortly before the crash last night, when she heard the engine noise, she went to her home window and suddenly heard a loud explosion. She said she wondered if it was a supersonic boom, but then saw the plane crashed to the ground.

Aerobatic plane crash in British Columbia, Canada (Photo: AP)The fire that broke out after the crash. “Tried to turn off with pipes”(Photo: AP)

Aerobatic plane crash in British Columbia, Canada (Photo: MikeGT79 / Twitter)

(Photo: MikeGT79 / Twitter)

“He seemed to have crashed mainly on the road. He actually exploded, parts flew everywhere,” Miller said. “In fact, I have a huge part of my yard. The cops said it was the refuge chair.” Miller said that in the house next to the plane, the couple were living in their 70s. She said the two were in good shape and noted that she had spoken to them after being evacuated to a nearby street. She added that the woman who was in the basement of the house and the husband were in the backyard at the time of the crash.

Kenny Hinds, who also lives near the scene of the crash, said he saw the couple’s living room on fire. “I started running down the street and got there maybe a minute after the crash. There were some residents who put out pipes and tried to put out the fire,” he said. “It seemed like the plane crashed in the front yard, but maybe a wing went through the roof or something else.”

Aerobatic plane crash in British Columbia, Canada (Photo: Reuters)

The scene of the crash(Photo: Reuters)

The last time the Canadian squadron’s aerobatic plane crashed was last October in the state of Georgia, USA, where the squadron was scheduled to perform a showcase.

The Canadian squadron has been conducting aerobatic showcases across Canada and the United States for decades. In 1963 and began using them in practice in 1971. To date, seven Canadian pilots and one passenger have been killed in aircrafts by the Canadian squadron.



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