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From Spain comes the voice of a Fernando Alonso who would not have completely abandoned the sirens of the Formula 1, although several elements do not place it at the center of the negotiations. The Circus commanded by Liberty Media is in the long queue of a generational change, at least as regards the large stables, and the ideal identikit would not seem to be that of the Asturian, who is 38 years old.

Alonso recently said he has his plans for 2021 in mind, considering that his main commitment is 2020 (i.e. 500 Miles of Indianapolis) has been postponed. What the plans could be, you can only try to guess by looking back into the Spanish pilot’s personal history. It must be borne in mind that Alonso would not accept the compromise of lack of competitiveness just to return to racing, for example, in Formula 1. Alonso’s main objective is still the Indianapolis 500, and probably in his strings there will be the return to the Dakar race in which he had a lot of fun. In WEC, Daytona and Le Mans have already achieved several laurels, and a return in these races could be convenient as the average age of the participants is higher than in Formula 1.

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Jenson Button said of the single seater top series that “Alonso would have no problem returning if he had a fast car“. The problem would be in his teammates. Considering the current line-ups, none of the pilots top would like to have him close, always second AS. There statistics he says that in his Formula 1 career he has made up almost double the points (to be precise 95%) of his teammates (1899 against 971). A very high percentage compared to Hamilton (17%), Verstappen (26%), Vettel (32.9%), Piquet (38%) and Schumacher (34%). Senna and Prost also have low percentages, for the three consecutive seasons in which they fought for the world point by point. However, these figures are part of the past: it would be really interesting to see him grapple with one of today’s emerging talents. Now what Vettel is on the market and Ferrari as well, Alonso could keep the antennas well tuned to the situation.

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