Allow a human chain to exist on Jerusalem Day


The “Ami Kavlai” association, the traditional flagship dance initiative for every day of Jerusalem for about 30 years, petitioned the High Court on Sunday, demanding that this year, in accordance with the rules of the Corona, to hold an event on Jerusalem’s streets on the city.

The association has asked the Jerusalem Police to allow trucks to rejoice and to flag flags throughout the city, as well as to create a human chain that surrounds the Old City, all this of course while adhering to the special precautionary rules for Corona.

The organizers’ request submitted to the police was unanswered, which, in view of the proximity to the incident, the organizers must file a high court ruling on the matter.

Attorneys Nati Rom and Hillel Barak said “We have today filed a petition to the Supreme Court, after several written requests were not answered by the police, and the incident is imminent. This is a traditional event, which has been going on for decades, and a proposal has been proposed that meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Health, and has already been approved at various events and in other places around the country. It is inconceivable that one day after the beaches, schools and restaurants are expected to open, an event in an open area will be banned while adhering to the rules. We are sure that we will find a suitable solution to hold the event, while keeping the rules in the special circumstances that have been created, and this is of importance for the important and special day for the capital of Israel – Jerusalem Day, which is anchored in law as a holiday. ”

Recall that every year, tens of thousands of marchers walk through the flags dance, from downtown Jerusalem to the Western Wall Square, singing and dancing and carrying Israeli flags. The marchers enter the Western Wall from all the gates of the Old City with joy and dancing, where there is a prayer and mass dance in India on the liberation and unification of the city, attended by ministers, rabbis and public figures.


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