Turkey’s largest fresh water lake ‘Beyşehir’ opens zoning!


Beysehir Mayor flourishing Fair, Turkey’s largest fresh water lake located on the edge of Lake Beyşehir in the case of the 188 acres of beaches, marinas, camping area, bungalow tent camp and explained the facilities to do it.


Saying that the Beyşehir lake is “sea-like” for Konya, Bayındır said, “With this project, we are preparing a place that will be the summer residence of Konya, Central Anatolia.”

Bayındır explained the change to the region with the following words:

“This year, we will solve the beach, caravan and daily camping area. We will gradually place bungalows in a dominant place overlooking the landscape. Again on the background of the beach, we will solve bungalows and pavilions with the concept of wooden structure in the reed trees.”

Güven İslamoğlu, who prepared and presented the program “Green Nature” in CNN Türk, also reacted to the decision with his sharing on Twitter. In his sharing, İslamoğlu reminded the lake’s pollution problem and the water level drop.

It was reported in the press that the level of the lake fell from 26 meters to 6 meters because of its use in agricultural irrigation and the wrong fish policy.


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