The meetings will not open in Gore: “Mental Supervision Provider”


a a A Gur Hasidim clarify after the capsule layout was approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as revealed on Saturday’s Sabbath Square, that the meetings will not be opened at this time.

In addition, the gradual return to the lower age educational institutions is also rejected by Hasidism, where it is made clear that under the guidance of the Admor, mental supervision should not be facilitated.

According to Gur Hasidic sources, as long as the Ministry of Health does not say that returning to school is “for the first time”, there should under no circumstances be an undue relief with the meetings.

“This is the Torah and that is what it commands us. Mental supervision is not to be relied on, studies will continue more intensely over the phone,” Chassidim say.

The official added that, under the guidance of the Admor, if the seminars are not also opened, this indicates that there is still a danger at this age, and that the measure that should be is one and only: whether there is a mental supervision or not. And as long as the subject is not properly regulated, there is no point in rushing And certainly the authorities should not be pressured to do just that.

Excitement in the puppy: After a while, see the Rebbe (courtesy of the photographer)

But it is not just about the yeshivas that they want to wait. The outline of the Ministry of Education for early childhood and lower grades has also been rejected outright, at least for now.

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The Sabbath Square learned that Gore’s internal inspector, Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Gutman, had called all of the Guru’s hairdressers and told them that even if the Ministry of Health approves a return to school, the hairdressers will not return to work and the telephone format will continue to operate for the time being.

However, Rabbi Gutman ordered that the next few days should be utilized for maximum class distribution and all that is required, so that when the decision comes to operate the institutions, the power of the Haiders will be properly prepared.

As reported in Sabbath Square, the time for Gore Hasidim was opened a week ago, when all the Torah students and all the trends in the yeshivas are progressing according to the supplier schedule.

The students maintain curricula and rehearsals, both with the Rams and with partnerships. All through a telephone set and conference rooms set up together for this purpose. In addition, the boys continue to examine the oral supply as is customary at Gore meetings these days.


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