The funeral of Olesia, who died from the cliffs, will be taken to Kazakhstan.


The incident occurred on Monday, at 21:00, in Muratpasa district Fener Mahallesi Eski Lara Caddesi. A national of Kazakhstan, who came with his Ukrainian friend Larysa Kamalova (29) to the park on the street Olesia Suspitsinatook alcohol. Then, to take pictures, he crossed the fence in the park and went to the cliffs. However, while taking his photo, he lost his balance and fell into the sea from a height of 35 meters. Seeing that Suspitsina fell, Kamalova reported the situation to 112 Emergency Call Center. Many teams were directed to the scene. The Marine Police found Suspitsina’s lifeless body.

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“We came to the park in the evening, we drank wine. Then we were talking to a friend with a video. When Olesia was talking on video, she asked me to take a picture of herself.” She fell while looking for a place on the cliffs to take pictures. ” According to the Law on Misdemeanors, Kamalova, who was sentenced to 3 thousand 150 liras for entering the Falez region, was released after the judicial process for ‘causing death by negligence’.


The funeral of Olesia Suspitsina, whose autopsy was completed, is today from the Forensic Medicine Institute. funeral The company that carries out the transactions was received with the vehicle. The funeral of Suspitsina will be taken to Istanbul by road and sent to her country by plane. Antalya is a consulting company working in Olesia Suspitsina of policing he learned that country before coming to Turkey.


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