The doctor saying ‘homosexuality’ illness’ was dismissed


The doctor, who regarded homosexuality as a ‘disease’, was dismissed

Metin Çakır, who works as a cardiovascular surgeon in Germany, shared that he saw homosexuality as “illness” in social media. Çakır was removed from his job by the clinic he worked for.

WALL – In Germany, it was stated that Metin Çakır, a heart disease specialist, was dismissed from his social media account after describing homosexuality as “illness”.

Metin Çakır, who works as a cardiovascular surgeon at the Helius clinic in Karlsruhe, shared his social media account as “I would like to state that homosexuality and transsexuality are diseases”.

Upon this, Çakır, who received thousands of reactions on social media, deleted his sharing.

According to reports in the German media, Çakır was dismissed from the Helius clinic in a statement made to the German media.

The statement said, “We decided to sit with our employee and temporarily quit. We will examine the situation with the doctor’s room and make an assessment. He has been working in our hospital for 20 years. ” (AA)


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