Renzi, a prime minister cannot change the Constitution – Politics


“A Prime Minister cannot change the Constitution by his own decree”. Matteo Renzi said it on TG5. “Luckily there is freedom of opinion,” he added referring to Conte’s words. “We are on his side but it cannot be a personal act of the premier, it cannot be done with a dpcm. It is true that health is important but freedom is also important and it cannot be questioned by a premier hindsight” this sets a precedent, “added Renzi.

“Continuing to intervene in this way on constitutional freedoms is wrong and a dangerous precedent. There cannot be an ethical state that makes you self-certify if your emotional relationship is stable or occasional: if nobody is outraged, we have a problem. Freedom of movement, religious freedom and all other freedoms are not “allowed” by a government: freedom comes before the government. Freedom legitimizes the government, not vice versa. When the opposite happens, they are dark times for everyone “, said Renzi

The latest dpcm is “a constitutional scandal”. So the leader of Iv in an interview with Repubblica. “We cannot – he says to the Democratic Party – trample constitutional rights. Let’s turn it into a decree and bring it to Parliament”. “It is a political, economic and constitutional error. Political because it delegates a political choice to the technical-scientific committee: to balance the risks”. So “in the autumn there will be a carnage of jobs”. The lack of regionalization of Phase 2 “is a wrong choice”.

Gypsies, climate concord is needed – “We need a step forward to find a climate of harmony for the future of the country. This does not mean not having different ideas, but having that unity of purpose that can then lead to shared choices”. This is the appeal launched by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti, to all the forces of the majority and the opposition, during a press conference in which he presented the plan for simplifications together with the deputy secretary Andrea Orlando and Marianna Madia.


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