Ibra trains: will Milan find the best man? – The Gazzetta dello Sport


The club has authorized Zlatan to remain at home until there are certainties on the restart. It is reported in an amazing condition

He stays on his happy island. Training in the morning, sometimes doubling in the afternoon, sometimes devoting himself to hunting or fishing among the fabulous landscapes of his Sweden. Zlatan Ibrahimovic found himself in the right place at the right time, and he – in agreement with Milan – will remain there indefinitely, at least until the emergency in Italy is over.

In Sweden, the rules for living with the coronavirus pandemic are very different and less stringent than Italy and many other countries in the world, and this allows Zlatan to train regularly with his Hammarby, a match in Stockholm in the last few days included.

While in Italy there is an argument …

So while general chaos is raging in Italy, with quarrels now on the agenda between the representatives of the football institutions and the government men on the possible dates of the restart, in Sweden Ibra is blessed and happy. Obviously he has Milan’s permission, which will allow him to stay at home until there is clarity on the dates of the recovery in Italy. In this context, with all the Serie A players locked inside the house struggling with training in home gyms do it yourself, when and if he will recover Milan can probably count on the most fit player in the league. Already today, from Sweden, it is reported with a sensational athletic condition.


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