Huawei and Microsoft sued due to 5G in Antalya


The citizen named Muammer Karabulut, who lives in Antalya, has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and Huawei with the claim that human health is compromised due to 5G technology studies. The first hearing of the case will be held on 1 June.

With the thought of “5G technology is spreading coronavirus”, which we came across in the UK, responsesThis time it was taken to a different dimension when a citizen in Antalya sued Microsoft and Huawei. Claiming that 5G technology threatens human health Muammer Karabulut The citizen named has filed a lawsuit against two companies that are working on this technology. The case will be held on June 1.

Karabulut, who wants to remove the broadcasts of the advertisements where 5G technology is thought to be harmful to human health and to prevent the sale of all 5G tools and equipment until the case is concluded, Antalya Commercial Courtstarted the proceedings in. Defendant from the USA Microsoft and the Chinese company Huawei companies will appear before the judge on 1 June given by the Antalya Commercial Court.

“Prove That It Does Not Harm Human Health”

Complainant Muammer Karabulut said the following about the issue: “I am not against technology. But technology should not threaten human health. Now, the explanations about human health are included in the user guides of all the tools and equipment we use. Let them prove that they have no side effects in terms of human health, including products supported by Microsoft and all of Huawei’s tools and equipment that work with 5G and 5G antennas.

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