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DJI, the world’s leading manufacturer of civil drones and aerial imaging technology, today presents Mavic Air 2, the drone that combines professional images and advanced and intuitive flight performance with intelligent and safe technology. “Mavic Air 2 is yet another milestone for us, as it shows that DJI’s smarter recreational drone doesn’t necessarily have to be the largest,” said Roger Luo, president of DJI. “While boasting all the characteristics of the Mavic family, the Mavic Air 2 has been redesigned and developed from the beginning. Our goal was to create a drone that can offer a completely improved experience even for less experienced pilots. We hope that our drones contribute to promoting creativity and fun in a pleasant and educational way, even in this difficult historical period that we are experiencing. “

Perfect images

Mavic Air 2 reinvents the way to capture quality content with a folding drone. It allows you to record 4K videos at 60 fps and 120 Mbps, but also HDR and slow motion videos 4X at 1080p / 120fps and 8X at 1080p / 240fps. It also allows you to take 12 megapixel images or with the new 48 megapixel high resolution feature to shoot every detail, with three-axis mechanical stabilization. The SmartPhoto feature captures 12 megapixel images with advanced scene analysis and artificial intelligence, automatically selecting from three photo modes:

  • HDR: the drone automatically acquires seven images with different exposure and combines them into a highly dynamic image.
  • Hyperlight: Hyperlight is the function for low-light scenarios. Take multiple photos and then combine them into a clear image, reducing the noise generally caused by this type of environment.
  • Scene recognition: Mavic Air 2 is able to recognize five categories of scenes: sunset, clear, grass, snow and trees, optimizing the parameters of the shot to give the scene the maximum of color, details and shades.

In flight

Mavic Air 2 has rethought the basics of flight to allow all fans to explore the skies with drone technology. Although weighing only 570 grams, equivalent to a bottle of water, Mavic Air 2 boasts new engines, new ESCs, a more aerodynamic design and a flight autonomy of up to 34 minutes. The OcuSync 2.0 transmission, owned by DJI, has been enhanced to offer extremely reliable and stable HD video images from the drone up to 10 km away. OcuSync 2.0 supports both the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands, with automatic selection for the stronger signal band, while the anti-interference system ensures the transmission of always clear video images.

DJI presents Mavic Air 2: a professional drone that can be used by (almost) everyone

The security

Mavic Air 2 is equipped with exclusive safety features, to offer an extremely reliable flight. The detection sensors, located frontally and on the back, warn about the possible proximity of obstacles, and you can set them so as to prevent the drone from getting too close to avoid collisions. The additional sensors and auxiliary lights, located on the lower body of the Mavic Air 2, assist maneuvers including automatic landing in complex environments. Mavic Air 2 is also equipped with our GEO geolocation technology, to keep the flight of drones away from risk areas, such as airports.

By activating the APAS 3.0 advanced assisted piloting system, if it encounters obstacles in its path, Mavic Air 2 will circumvent them, from below or from above, avoiding collisions and ensuring a safe flight in any situation, to allow the pilot to concentrate only on the image acquisition. The new 3D mapping version offers smoother transitions and more stable movements around objects, even in particularly complex environments.

Mavic Air 2 is also the first DJI drone for recreational use that includes AirSense technology, a system that warns pilots if other aircraft are detected nearby. AirSense uses ADS-B technology to receive signals from nearby planes and helicopters and display their position on the pilot’s control screen. In the event of excessive approach, AirSense sends messages, sound signals and vibrations to the pilot, to make him aware of the danger and allow him to remove the drone in complete safety.

DJI presents Mavic Air 2: a professional drone that can be used by (almost) everyone


Mavic Air 2 boasts the presence of numerous optimized intelligent features that allow you to quickly and easily film images and videos to share with the world. FocusTrack is the most advanced tracking feature on DJI drones, which offers three different shooting modes:

  • ActiveTrack 3.0: Select a subject by letting Mavic Air 2 automatically follow it. This third version of ActiveTrack features advanced mapping technology and new path algorithms, to offer you to track a subject, get around obstacles and quickly search for the subject that has temporarily left the drone’s view.
  • Point of Interest 3.0: set up an automated flight path around a specific subject. The updated version improves surface recognition to improve dynamic subject tracking.
  • Spotlight 2.0: available in professional DJI drones, Spotlight maintains a framed subject while the pilot freely manages the movement of the drone.

The HyperLapse function makes timelapse videos with the drone in motion. For the first time, Hyperlapse can be recorded with a maximum resolution of 8K, with four flight modes to choose from: Free, Circle, Direction and Route. You can also select predefined flight paths, QuickShot effects, which combine three-axis mechanical stabilization with electronic image stabilization for an amazing result. Just select the desired mode and Mavic Air 2 will be ready to automatically create amazing content. Pilots can choose between Ascent, Circle, Dronie, Spiral, Boomerang or Asteroid effects.

Prices and availability

The updated version of the DJI Fly app sees the addition of new features for Mavic Air 2, ensuring simple and practical navigation. New tutorials illustrate the use of the drone to immediately start creating surprising results.

Due to the coronavirus, Mavic Air 2 will initially be available for purchase only in China, starting today, and in all other countries in mid-May. Mavic Air 2 will be available in two purchase options: a standard package that includes Mavic Air 2, a battery, the remote control and cables, at a price of 849 EUR, and the Fly More combo, which includes all the items mentioned plus a bag from shoulder, ND filters, charging station and three batteries, priced at 1,049 EUR.


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