"The political situation in Israel hinders regulation in the Gaza Strip"


New details on the regularization talks in Egypt: Senior Egyptian officials, involved in recent discussions in Cairo, make it clear that the shaky political situation in Israel over time is hampering the chances of talks for a calm between the parties in the south. Moreover, Hamas is exploiting political uncertainty to squeeze relief from Israel.

The talks included the head of Hamas' political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, and Hamas officials in Gaza and abroad, as well as the Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, Ziad Nahala, who arrived in Cairo at a delegation of senior members of his organization.

"The political situation in Israel makes it difficult for the parties to move towards the possibility of a long-term calm and a series agreement in Gaza," a senior Egyptian official told Israel Today. He estimated that because of this, "there will be no agreement on the horizon in the coming months."

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Egyptian and Palestinian officials also added that significant issues remained on the table that the parties were still discussing. Hamas wants a long-term relaxation agreement that will include a series agreement. The same series should strengthen the organization's control over the Gaza Strip. However, Hamas fears the government's responsibilities and implications for the organization's structure, in the event of such a series.

According to the Egyptian senior, Hamas wants first to negotiate a bargain with Israel, in which Palestinian prisoners will be released. Such a move will help the organization to present a diplomatic achievement, and help to criticize it from Palestinian Islamic Jihad and armed factions in Gaza.

A senior Palestinian official in Gaza has also confirmed to "Israel Today" the details that emerged from the discussions in Cairo. However, he added that the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is covert to Israel, and warned her that "the entire Gaza settlement agreement will hurt the prospects of intra-Palestinian reconciliation and the Palestinian Authority's return to control the Gaza Strip."

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The same official testified that Egypt and Israel are not excited by the protests coming from the Muqata. What is more, Hamas, he says, is taking advantage of the political fog in Israel to demand more and more relief, and even to present a semblance of negotiations.

Hamas leaders, led by Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar, and the members of the Nazi faction in the movement from the military arm, fear that in the event of a series agreement in the Gaza Strip, the organization will exert pressure on the organization to disarm the military arm and to integrate thousands of fighters from the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades In the Palestinian security forces.

According to the Palestinian official, Hamas's Nazi party prefers a "Hudna" agreement (a lull) for a few years and dissolves the idea of ​​the arrangement.

The sources also said that Islamic Jihad is reluctant to take part in any future agreement in the Gaza Strip, and its people refuse to stop the fire.

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