On the way to the elections: A motion to dissolve the Knesset was tabled


On the way to the elections: A bill for the dissolution of the 22nd Knesset was tabled tonight (Tuesday) and due to the political assessment that no Knesset member will be able to form a government in the remaining time until the legal deadline for establishing a government, tomorrow, at midnight. The proposal was submitted by Knesset members Avi Nissenkorn, Meir Cohen and Zvi Hauser of blue, and Knesset members Mickey Zohar and Shlomo Tears of the Likud.

According to the proposal, the election period for the 23rd Knesset will be shortened from 90 days as stipulated in the law to 82 days and will be held for the first time on Monday, March 2. If no government is formed, the 23rd Knesset elections will be the third election in the same year, after the 20th Knesset was dissolved just before the end of its legal deadline, and no Knesset member could form a government after the 21st Knesset elections in April 2019 and the 22nd Knesset. Held in September of that year.

At the same time, Israel today learned that if the Knesset does dissipate, the Likud-led primaries will be held on December 23, contrary to the initial decision to hold them on December 22 that month. The decision to reject the primaries comes because the original date fell on the first Chanukah candle – a time when many people are with their families.

Yehuda Schlesinger participated in the preparation

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