Holon salutes Israel's wounded systems and hostilities: "You won the hatred"


Mayor Moti Sasson: "You have won the pain and left room for hope, you do not deserve to be appreciated and appreciated."

Posted on: 10.12.19 15:52 PM

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In Holon last night (Monday) the municipal recognition ceremony was held for the wounded of Israeli systems and hostilities. The event was held at the Steinberg Center, attended by Mayor Moti Sasson, and attended by City Manager Yossi Silman, Director General of the Victims of Hostilities Adv. Roi Cohen, Chairman of the IDF Disability Organization Adv. Idan Kaliman and Director of the Holon Branch at the Disabled Israel Organization "To Yossi and Akinin.

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The large audience enjoys the performance of singer Haim Moshe and was particularly excited by the performance of the band of RNI wheels – a band that combines dancers sitting in wheelchairs alongside dancers standing on their feet.

Mayor Moti Sasson. Photo: Eli Neeman

Mayor Moti Sasson told attendees above the stage: "You have won the evil and the hatred, you have won the pain and left room for hope. You do not deserve to be appreciated and honored, you are dear to our hearts and we offer you a warm and loving hug all year long."

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