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Rising Euro 2020 ()

The Euro 2020 lottery will only be held at the end of the month, but for 16 teams, ones that did not come directly from the early homes, the important draw will be this Friday, so we will finally know all that remains open about the playoffs.

Israel's national team,
Remember, in the playoffs, thanks to the results it achieved in the League of Nations that preceded the Euro qualifying, and now there are two things to know: which playoffs Israel will embroider, which will also determine who its opponent is in the semi-finals, and whether to host the finals game if it goes up.

Israel National Team (Photo: Reuven Schwartz)Waiting for the lottery – and the opponent. Israeli national team players(Photo: Reuven Schwartz)

Wales' victory over Hungary tonight has set the odds that Israel will jump to the first-round playoffs. There are actually 4 teams – Israel, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania –

With only one of them remaining in Class C while the other three will join Iceland in the Class A playoffs.

If Israel is ruled out on Friday to stay in place, it will go to the semi-finals for an away match in Scotland, with the final, if it wins, against Serbia or Norway. If Romania or Hungary are allowed to stay in the rankings then Israel will go out for a game in Bulgaria, while leaving Bulgaria in the third rank will give the team a home game against Hungary. These are basically the only three options.

Eran Zehabi struggles with Ryan Christie (Photo: AP)Christie vs. Zehabi. Israel to meet Scotland again?(Photo: AP)

Hungary team (Photo: AFP)And maybe we will just meet Hungary?(Photo: AFP)

The playoff semi-finals will be held March 26, and the finals five days later. The inaugural lottery draw, as well as the finalists, will be scheduled at 13:00 this Friday, but it is important to note that the UEFA has announced that a special committee on its behalf is authorized to make changes regarding inlays.

Either way, no matter who the opponent is, the Israeli team will have to play a lot better than it looked last week to have a chance to win a playoff game.


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