Rivlin rebuked Netanyahu: "to condemn the presentation of Arab MKs as an 'existential threat'"


The meeting of state President Reuben (Ruby) Rivlin, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ended tonight (Tuesday), during which Rivlin stressed that he believed the State of Israel needed a firm and broad unity government as far as possible. In addition, the President sought to protest sharply against the recent remarks against members of the Arab Knesset and the Arab public.

During the meeting, the president said that the occasional calls by Arab members of the Knesset to Israeli society, and in particular to IDF soldiers, were "grave, shocking and unacceptable," and stated that he told these Arab MKs directly and publicly.

However, the president made it clear that he strongly condemns the presentation of all Arab elected officials as an existential "threat" to the State of Israel or as a "fifth corps." The president said that "we, who live as sovereigns in our country, in the Jewish and democratic state, must ensure equality of rights and a respectful and relevant discourse with all Israeli citizens."

At the same time, the president added that disqualifying entire publics has become a phenomenon that does not skip any part of the population, adding that the words of MK Gaffney (Torah Judaism), who spoke today on the Finance Committee's long-standing partnership with Arab MKs, should be miraculous.

"The statements made to the Arab and ultra-Orthodox public and to their representatives in the Knesset undermine the very legitimacy of these public relations in the State of Israel, deepen the existing rupture anyway and I urge everyone in the State of Israel to stop, stop once and for all with these ugly statements. That wonderful communities that are the meat of the state, will repeatedly feel that their legitimacy is being accomplished, "the president said.

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